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Nov 12, 2012 03:49 AM

Any good chinese food in Abq??

cantonese?? sezchwan?? dim sum??

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  1. Budai is head and shoulders above anything else I've had in town. Very good dim sum, notably the xao long bao, also good Taiwanese and Shanghainese. They have a "secret menu" that's absolutely worth asking for.

    I'm given to understand that Chopstix has some real-deal Chinese as well, despite the dubious name, but I always go to Budai.

    1. Agree with Finlero that Budai is the best. Chopstix is pretty good, and so is Ming Dynasty, depending on what you order. There's a lot of Chinese food in Albuquerque, but most of it is very bad. Ming Dynasty has a small dim sum menu, but I haven't tried anything on it. The sticky rice steamed in a lotus leaf looked good.