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Nov 12, 2012 01:29 AM

Near Mt. Sinai/Griffth Park

Help with a yummy place. Need a private room to accomodate 30 people.

After funeral lunch. This Thursday, Nov 15

Kitchen Queen

My brother suggested Moe's. Anyone know of this place?

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  1. mo's. a burger joint in toluca lake. not that good, and i don't know if they have a private room. the burger's o.k(hey, they'll cook it rare, at least)., but you go and get it from their "condiment and salad bar."
    doesn't sound fun after a funeral.

    1. How about Taix?

      Go across the park, and down the 5 fwy. Should take no more than about 15-20 minutes in the middle of the day.

      They have banquet rooms which would be perfect for a group of 30.

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      1. How about the Smokehouse in Burbank. It's close by and I believe they could accommodate you in a private room.

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        1. re: Sam D.

          One of the hotels at universal city could accommodate you.

        2. The Toluca Lake Sports Center has a lovely private room with catering. It's called Ramsey's at the Club.

          It is frequently used for after funeral events for both Mt. Sinai and Forest Lawn.