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Nov 11, 2012 11:59 PM

Building Shanghai itinerary

Hi, having some difficulties finding broad and especially recent reports on Shanghai places :-) Looking for exceptionally good Shanghainese local food, specialities, roast meat etc., of any price range and type, from the simple but very special to the high end dining.
Also 1-2 places for a very "upscale" lunch and dinner, the starred places that are a must in the city.. Any other great places of different cuisines ? Have a week+ there andI will be staying in the more touristic areas but will travel the subway etc. so anything goes especially if there are special markets day/night to visit in same area, also will be greatful to get recos for very good places near the Shanghai new international exhibition area. Thanks..

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  1. I really enjoyed Jade Garden and Fu1088 - both upscale and Yang's Dumplings - decidedly downscale and also delicious.

    I liked Din Tai Fung - but then I have liked them in other cities and this wasn't so different, but I wouldn't go without XLB.

    Also had some excellent Hunan food at Guyi - check out smoked pork w lettuce stem. menu has photos.

    I was just visiting recently, other people here know a lot more than I do.

    You are so lucky to be there! Bar Rouge was a fun place to hang out. T8 is not worth it at all.

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      Debbieann thanks a lot :-) I've seen your recent trip report and it sounds and looks very very good, great photos! Very excited about going there!

    2. Small "bump" to message :-) Will be glad to get any info and tips.

      1. Around the corner from the (historic) Park Hotel are two dumpling places right across the street from each other: Yang's Fry Dumplings and Jia Jia Tang Bao. Chowhound heaven in a rare, convenient package. AT JJTB, I prefer the crab or crab and pork xlb to the simply pork version.

        I also think that Jesse (Ji Shi) at 41 Tianping Lu in the French Consession is the prefect place to experience Shanghainese cuisine (go for the tofu wrapped wild herbs if they have them), and Hengshan Cafe also in the FC, is a mighty fine Cantonese place. Turbot with fresh chilis and roast goose among the favorites.

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          Thanks ! Definitely all goin into my list of places (and dishes..) to try. The resto type "fancier" places (probably Jesse and Hengshan Cafe), do they require reservations when in Shanghai, or i can pass by and hope they have place for solo diner ?
          And a logistical question about walking and navigating there, i find street addresses in English for places, are they also appearing on signs in the city or there are better ways to do that ? First time for me in China :-) Thanks a lot for the info.

          1. re: oferl

            Jesse is a small place, and I have heard it gets packed. I went early lunch and got in without a reservation. Otherwise reservations are a good idea.

            Hengshan Cafe, I assume no reservations are necessary.

            Neither place is fancy or upscale.

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              Thanks for the info, i will pass there probably before noon/evening rush hours, so better chances to find a table.. And if not going as planned, i guess those are also fine places to do a take away..

        2. xin guan for a crab feast. expensive -- $150 to $200usd for 2 people, but well worth it.

          jia jia and jesse as well.

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          1. re: Dustin_E

            Thanks, xinguan looks great, but i understand that it might not be very suitable to solo dining - cause they require party of 3 at least, ordering from the multiple courses tasting menus. Probably they also have regular menu items but not sure how it will be, maybe i will give it a try.. They also have around 300-400 Y ordering limit per person i think, i'll check.
            Jia jia will check for sure, thanks..

            1. re: oferl

              we went to xinguan with two people (this was 2 years ago), and ordered i think the least expensive tasting menu (i think i pointed at a more expensive one, but they insisted we get the less expensive one.) we were not able to finish it -- soooo much crab. sooo rich. but it does stick out in our mind as one of the most unique and generally awesome dining experiences we've had anywhere.

              they have luxury items (shark fin, abalone, etc) on the menu too, so if you are interested in those things, i'm pretty sure you could easily hit their minimum, even as a solo diner.

              be forewarned, though, their english was nonexistent when i went.

              but yeah, don't miss jia jia or jesse either.

              (love your CH profile answers btw.)