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Nov 11, 2012 10:46 PM

cookie butter

Is it possible to buy Speculoos Cookie Butter in the Lower Mainland?

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  1. the illegitimate Trader Joe's (Transilvania Trading) on Broadway has it.... last I saw they hadn't been shut down yet.

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    1. re: amelieducroix

      I was just at "Pirate Joe's" on Friday, and I saw a couple jars of it there. The fellow working there told me that they were opening another branch of the store at West 4th and Vine this weekend!

    2. Gourmet Warehouse had it a few weeks ago for sure. I was just there there this weekend and didn't notice it this time, though I wasn't really looking for it, either, so maybe call before going (if you do).

      1. Hello!

        Thank you all for your reply. I finally finally FINALLY made my way to Transilvania Trading, which is now called Pirate Joe's and has moved to 4th and Vine....

        and I got Cookie Butter!!! I honestly cannot tell you how amazing the stuff is. I dipped apples in it...heaven. Straight out of the jar is good, too! And stirred in oatmeal...mmmm

        Also, the people who work at Pirate Joe's are super friendly.

        Thanks everyone for helping me locate it!

        1. In case you have a Costco membership or for anyone else who might be looking for it, you may want to check to see if the Costcos in GVA carry it as many of the products are the same across Western Canada. I stumbled across it here in Calgary last night by accident and was completely surprised to see that Costco had it. I've included the SKU and a picture of the product for your reference.

          1. The original comment has been removed