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Nov 11, 2012 09:38 PM

Turkey in a LC braiser?

This is my first year cooking a Thanksgiving turkey! I don't have a roasting pan, and, while I'm not averse to buying one, I was wondering if I could use something already in the kitchen.

My husband got us a wee 5 pounder turkey. Can I roast it in my 3.5 qt Le Creuset braiser with the lid off? Mainly I wonder if it's deep enough. I wasn't planning on using a rack, but I worry about enough space for the veggies and liquids.

Any advice from the LC owners about if this is feasible? Anyone have a recommendation for a small traditional roasting pan if the braiser's no good? Should I kick it old school and get a Graniteware like my mom's? (Nostalgia aside, I think I'd like something sturdier!) Thanks for any input you have!

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  1. Hi, Rosey:

    Since no one has responded yet, yes, I you can roast in your braiser pan bottom.

    Enameled cast iron is not the ideal surface for jus and fond for gravy, but if you'll be perching the bird on veggies, it's less of an issue. You might want to (a) use a thinner layer of veggies/aromatics; and (b) suction with the bulb-baster if the pan gets too full of liquid.

    If you're tempted to buy a graniteware, I'd steer you to something like this instead:


    1. I've done it, well not with turkey, and I use the 5 quart if I'm roasting not the 3 1/2 but it can be done. I'd limit the veg and any liquids though.

      1. As long as the pan is big enough to catch all the drippings from the turkey, I'd say go for it. I have a few last minute disaster backup plan ideas though...

        1. If you have a big skillet that's not being delegated for other things, use that.
        2. Make a foil ring for the turkey to sit on, and roast the veggies on a cookie sheet instead.
        3. Beer can and extra twine to secure? LOL

        1. You can buy a disposable foil pan to roast the bird in. Put it on a cookie sheet for stability. Put the turkey on a bed of carrots and celery to it's not sitting in the drippings. You can also make tin foil into a tube and coil it around the bottom to elevate the bird. A roasting pan just holds the bird. It doesn't really affect the roasting any. The only thing you can't do in it is make the gravy in the foil. Just pour the drippings into a saucepan after skimming the fat off if you want gravy.

          1. Thank you all for the helpful advice! I feel better about trying my crazy scheme now. :) The alternative suggestions are great too, in case I decide to use the braiser for a casserole instead.

            If I end up making the turkey in the braiser, I'll be sure to update with a pic or something. Thank you again!