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Good home blender?

Can anyone suggest a good, reasonably priced blender? I'll be using it a fair about for everything from soups to purees to mousselines. I'd like to keep it under $100.

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  1. I use a stick blender now. Using the old Osterizer was a hassle with large batches, now I just put the blender in the pot, and zoom, done. I found an older Braun in a thrift shop for $5.

    1. If a typical blender like Oster or Waring etc won't do, you might want to consider a Ninja. I have never used one (have Oster and Vita Mix) but they are very popular and available in many stores.

      1. Definitely down with a stick blender...Kitchen Aid makes a nice one, and similarly nice models are available from the usual suspects. I continue to enjoy an older (late 80's vintage) beehive Osterizer...I give it high marks if only for the fact that I can get replacement parts and accessories.

        1. In my opinion, there isn't one really. Thus my Vita Mix purchase. Once you buy 2-3 blenders, the price of a VM seems much lower.

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            The Oster that I am using is 70's vintage if my memory is correct. It was my Mom's, and I remeber her having it way back when I was little. Old made in USA lasts longer than new made in China. Mom's C-3 KitchenAid mixer, and Sunbeam CG-1 waffle iron which are both from 1950 are still going strong.

          2. I have a really old Oster that dos the trick but honestly? They only time I use is it is when I am making something with ice-margaritas, etct. My hand (immersion) blender is so much easier and more convenient. It a work horse too. It is a Braun "multi-prac" that I got from the vendor back in '90 or '91 and its still going strong. Anything from pureeing soups to making whip cream is a snap. If I could only have one I would do an immersion blender before a traditional.

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              I wish I could buy your old Oster off you. I'd pay the same as new price for it.

            2. I use a blender on a daily basis. I've have good luck with Hamilton Beach. I also have a Cuisinart stick blender, which I use for soups. What are you planning on using it for? I make a meal replacement shake, so I don't need anything too fancy, but it has to be able to crush ice. I just got a new HB, it's a smoothie maker, so it's perfect for my needs.

              1. I'm looking at one of the Ninja (Blender NJ600 or Kitchen plus systems), but am wary about the performance and quality. Anyone have experience with their products?

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                  I got a Ninja 5 months ago and really like it. It has two blades at different levels, so it chops very evenly and the power is great too. I got mine from Target for about $45, and was pleasantly surprised that it came with two sets of bowls and blades (for big and small jobs). Couldn't be happier.