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Nov 11, 2012 09:22 PM

Good home blender?

Can anyone suggest a good, reasonably priced blender? I'll be using it a fair about for everything from soups to purees to mousselines. I'd like to keep it under $100.

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  1. I use a stick blender now. Using the old Osterizer was a hassle with large batches, now I just put the blender in the pot, and zoom, done. I found an older Braun in a thrift shop for $5.

    1. If a typical blender like Oster or Waring etc won't do, you might want to consider a Ninja. I have never used one (have Oster and Vita Mix) but they are very popular and available in many stores.

      1. Definitely down with a stick blender...Kitchen Aid makes a nice one, and similarly nice models are available from the usual suspects. I continue to enjoy an older (late 80's vintage) beehive Osterizer...I give it high marks if only for the fact that I can get replacement parts and accessories.

        1. In my opinion, there isn't one really. Thus my Vita Mix purchase. Once you buy 2-3 blenders, the price of a VM seems much lower.

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            The Oster that I am using is 70's vintage if my memory is correct. It was my Mom's, and I remeber her having it way back when I was little. Old made in USA lasts longer than new made in China. Mom's C-3 KitchenAid mixer, and Sunbeam CG-1 waffle iron which are both from 1950 are still going strong.

          2. I have a really old Oster that dos the trick but honestly? They only time I use is it is when I am making something with ice-margaritas, etct. My hand (immersion) blender is so much easier and more convenient. It a work horse too. It is a Braun "multi-prac" that I got from the vendor back in '90 or '91 and its still going strong. Anything from pureeing soups to making whip cream is a snap. If I could only have one I would do an immersion blender before a traditional.

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            1. re: foodieX2

              I wish I could buy your old Oster off you. I'd pay the same as new price for it.