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Nov 11, 2012 09:01 PM

Spur OR Local 360?

Visiting for 1 night and looking for decent food in a relatively casual setting. Will be on the later side (@9:00) on a Tuesday night, with an equally casual friend, so a 'gastropub' or just a pub-pub with an excellent burger, would be great. And the belltown/downtown area is ideal (though could stray a little farther) so seems like Spur or Local 360 may be the lead contenders. Would appreciate any feelings on how the two compare. Also open to alternate suggestions based on the above.

Much thanks!


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  1. I think Local 360 will feel the more relaxed/casual of the two. Also I think Local 360's bar is really interesting, since the focus is all about local Northwest craft distilleries.

    Another option to consider is Palace Kitchen, Their burger rocks, the apps are varied and fun, the bartenders know their craft, and it is a small, cozy spot to land on a drizzly November night in Belltown. They stay open late and tend to hit their stride later in the evening, right about the time you'd arrive.

    1. Local 360 is the more casual of the two. I think it's a bit more fun for hanging out. The drinks are excellent and tend to be more straightforward, probably due to the focus on local ingredients. If you're really into craft cocktails then I would suggest Spur.

      My opinion is that Spur has the better burger but I enjoy them both. It's worth adding the pork belly if you get the burger at Spur. In general, I find the food to be a bit more consistent at Spur. Off the top of my head, I can't think of any dishes at Spur that have disappointed me. I can't say the same for Local 360.

      I don't think you can go wrong with either of them. If you're planning to have a burger then my best suggestion would be to check out the cocktail lists for both and make your decision based on that.