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Nov 11, 2012 08:36 PM

Need tips and/or tricks for stuffing sausage with the Kitchenaid mixer attachment.

I have been making sausage on and off for years now. I'm on my 2nd grinder attachment and had to replace a gear in the mixer. I have no problem grinding and mixing the sausage. Recently I got "Charcuterie" and it is brilliant. Now to my problems. When I stuff the sausage if I use the large tube I can't seem to get the casings on, even if I oil the tube. If I use the small tube, I can get all the casing on but it's much slower going. In each case the main problem seems to be air and suction. I have the new plastic plunger as well as the wooden one from the old grinder. I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. It's really tough to pull the plunger out and it has a bunch of sausage on it. I've tried going slow, fast, medium.... Should I just bite the bullet and spend the $120 or so and get a stand alone grinder?
Am I missing something???

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  1. I've only made one batch of sausage, wild duck/goose. It came out great but I had the same problem when pushing the ground meat through the mixer for stuffing. The meat was difficult to push into the feeder and I experienced suction when pulling the plunger out.

    Unless I can find a better solution, I plan to purchase a separate sausage stuffer.

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      Thanks for bringing this back up. No one seems to have a solution