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Kaiseki, for first times

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Michelin mentions speciality of 'tai'.. in fact, in Tokyo, the only good 'tai' meal I experienced so far was 'tai meshi'. There, the kappo Yamaji is a master that come from Shikoku, and have daily deliveries of 'tai(=sea bream)' from the 'setonaikai'.
But to come back to the main topic of this post ... I had lunch there. When ordering a plate (3 choices /or on order), you can ask to complement your kaiseki meal. In my case, I had a 'kuro goma madai ochazuke' - see here the photo http://www.ginzayamaji.jp/- made with home made sesame paste. For 5000yens, he served me some 'kaori no mono(crab with komatsuna)', and 'nimono owan(kabu)'. Next time, i will ask for another speciality of saba and miso (http://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1301/A13010... ), I am eager to see what the 2-3 complement plates will be . The chef, not sure he speaks english, is a veteran 35years, and more a master of tai than of decoration ... the place is tiny, on a basement ... This kind of choice in Kaiseki is rare, as the approach is very open, so it is a good opportunity for a first time..
The kappo Yamaji offers this choice of plate only at lunch.

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