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Nov 11, 2012 07:59 PM

Birthday dinner help

My SO's birthday celebration got blown away by I want to take him out for dinner someplace nice to make up for it. Price isn't too much of an issue: I'm more interested in making sure that he has a great time. I think we'd prefer to be in Soho-Tribeca-the Village, but am open to suggestions elsewhere as long as it's Manhattan. We're not huge seafood fans (okay, he is, but I'm not and I'm picking) and don't want Japanese or anything that's steak-y or pork-y. I'm torn between something that's quiet and romantic and something that's lively and kind of a scene. Any and all suggestions gratefully accepted.

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  1. You've really left this open to a very wide selection but here goes:

    The Modern Dining Room

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      +1 on Annisa, at least on the quiet/romantic axis. And the food is really excellent.

    2. Toqueville is an excellent suggestion if you'd like a quiet, sedate place with great food.

      If you want something with a somewhat flashier, slightly less formal atmosphere, consider Scarpetta.