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Nov 11, 2012 07:31 PM

Special place for a birthday

Hi all. Looking for a place to celebrate the Mrs' birthday. We go out a lot, mostly to byos and smaller, low key spots. Looking for a real night out type of place with great food that won't jeopordize making rent. Thinking Sbraga, Tashan (looks to be the front runner - big fans of Chef Senat) or maybe even Buddakan since we've never been. Can we get out of these for under 200 all said and done? Any other recs? Thanks!

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  1. Bistro la Minette sounds just about right.

    Happy Birthday.

    1. I'd go to Sbraga over Tashan (or Bistrot La Minette) any day of the week. Do Sbraga's prix fixe with drink pairings and it's $84pp before tax and tip.

      My recommendation would be Vedge, I also had an excellent meal at Vernick recently.