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Nov 11, 2012 07:07 PM

New PC Chicken Samosa hors d'oeuvres out of this world!

To give the PC devil his due - the new Chicken Samosa that I read about for the first time today in the Insider's Report (had they been previously introduced?) are out of this world. If one follows the baking suggestions exactly (this product would be awful if microwaved) the 12 samosas turn out exactly with that combination of crackle and give that serves as a foil for the really tasty chicken-potato-spice filling inside. The Tamarind Sauce packet supplied also goes very well with the samosa. They aren't cheap ($4.98 for 12) but they sure beat Pusateri's in price and taste. Well done Loblaws!

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  1. Bought a pack from No Frills for the supposedly sale price of $4.99. Took them home and thought they were crap. I will continue to get my samosa's from Sultan of Samosa's.

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      This is a frozen product from a supermarket chain, so you should really adjust your expectations accordingly. It hardly seems fair to compare it to a restaurant that specializes only in samosas.