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Nov 11, 2012 06:39 PM

sous-vide ready caterers

Short version: what Boston caterers are sous vide equipped?

Seems to me that sous vide tech - food cooked in immersion circulators - is perfect for large-scale catered events such as weddings. I can't think of a more foolproof way to cook, say, forty filet mignon and guarantee med-rare. And I can't think of an easier way to braise thirty pounds of meat. (full disclosure: I have an immersion circulator and am an obvious partisan for the technique.) Were I a caterer, I'd be all over this so fast my socks would roll up and down by themselves.

As it happens, I'm involved in finding a caterer for a large, high-quality event (a wedding) next year. Nobody I've called so far has tried SV, let alone discovered the power of the Ultra Water Bath.

I'm sure 9@Home, the catering arm of No. 9 Park, has at least heard of it, but I haven't yet called them. Season To Taste says no. Any suggestions?

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  1. I would call Au Soleil Catering from the L'Espalier team.


    1. I am not sure you'll find this, at least in Boston. About a year ago my wife and I did a tasting menu at nice local place, and one of the courses was beef. It was very good, and I asked the waiter if it had been cooked sous vide.

      He replied that it was not allowed in Boston - I didn't ask details, but got the feeling it had to do with the health code or something like that. He also stated my dish had been prepped with something similar, and I didn't probe. So perhaps its a rule that's very loosely enforced - like "don't give anyone food poisoning and we won't ask many probing questions about your food prep"

      I know this is likely second or third hand commentary, so perhaps someone more familiar with Metro Boston health code could chime in. There was a similar thread about a year ago...