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Nov 11, 2012 05:56 PM

Turkey Time [DTW]

It’s already the eleventh hour for good turkey in Metro Detroit. Back Forty Acres in Chelsea has long sold out of its gorgeous auburn skin heritage breeds ($8.25/LB), but still has the broad breasted whites ($5.25/LB), last I knew. These are the freest of free range, and transactions are made in the multi-generation family barn.

After a several years of the long drive to Chelsea, the last two years I’ve gone with a broad breasted white (big, ‘cause small ain’t available) from Roperti’s in Livonia. At $3.39/LB for local fresh (1 day after the deed), un-certified organic-ish, free range, that’s a really good price! Though, my prayers for safety go out to the seasonal employees who work tiring hours rockin’ and rollin’ at the back end processing tables with their razor-sharp knives.

For a change of pace and for convenience (I’m a central / east sider), this year I’m going with farmer market staple-- John Henry’s. They have just a $5 home delivery, and I’m bundling orders, so it is practically free delivery. Price is not dirt cheap ($4.29/LB), but we’ll see about flavor and how the processor dresses the bird. Wish me luck.

Trader Joe’s still has plenty (but not an infinite number) of their fresh, “humanely raised,” “natural” turkeys that have already been brined in sea (according to the store poster, not necessarily their website) salt. Hey, these birds (just $1.99/LB) were at least allowed to walk around in a big Minnesota warehouse that had windows letting in natural sunlight, weren’t fed their dead, and were not pumped with antibiotics when healthy, just to make them grow bigger. The package says “MAY contain giblets.” I might pick one up to make a nice stock for the gravy, and for a stuffing ingredient, and for “leftovers soup,” etc.. Did I mention that I wish a plague upon the household of every pharma/agri industrialist who pumps antibiotics into our food supply only because it makes the animals grow a bit bigger? Actually, a plague is too kind. Must think of something worse…

And, yes, some of my precious childhood Thanksgiving memories INDEED involved Butterball frozen turkeys. These are on offer from Meijer for about $0.55/LB (wow!), with minimum $20 purchase. A portion of the proceeds will go towards PROMOTING antibiotic resistant diseases.

What are you guys seeing out there?

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  1. The people I have usually gone to for Thankgiving have ditched the Turkey altoghether. They're serving Prime rib.

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    1. re: syrup09

      I absolutely *love* prime rib, and even I have to say that this is just...just awful.

      1. re: boagman

        I just heard that the meal is now brisket, which is similar but not exactly the same. I'm bringing a bottle of Relska Vodka for the host. I just hope there is a chopped liver appetizer like years before, (Thanksgiving is a maleable holiday. I'm just glad I get to go somewhere.
        I'm remember spending a Christmas in a cold apartment in Nebraska eating Arby's.)

        1. re: syrup09

          Reminds me of '96, long after my fellow UM grad classmates had all found jobs out of state, and I ended up alone at a Clarkston area Ram's Horn. Yup, brisket would have been especially fantastic that day, maybe even Arby's, too.