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Nov 11, 2012 05:34 PM

New Haven Taco Trucks

I know there was a discussion a while back but I can not seem to find it when I search.

I have to be in New Haven on Saturday and wondered if they are open on Saturdays and which is the favorite?


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  1. Either Ixtapa truck is excellent and the black Nexcalli truck parked in a spot further up the road is also very good. Make sure you get the Lengua tacos and ask for them extra spicy. Also, the Santa Apolonia truck doesn't get much love but their Chorizo tacos are tasty. Oh yeah...the yellow truck marked simply "Mexican Food" is also top notch. Their Pastor pork is the one to try.

    1. As luck would have it (I know "search" on here is often a PITA), there are three old threads for your reference to the right of your post. :) And, as a bonus, here's an additional one with days/times:


      1. Loren has pretty much said it all.
        I wholeheartedly agree with her/him on Nexcalli and Ixtapa.
        Tongue or cabeza are my favorites.
        But to be honest I don't think I've had anything that I didn't like from the trucks.

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          We went to both Nexacali and Ixtapa and were thrilled. We stuck to chicken as my friend is not adventurous but we were thrilled with both.
          Taking the husbands back next time!

        2. I Think the yellow truck marked Mexican Food is the leader down there now. They have all the extra condiments from grilled scallion, radishes, and roasted jalepenos just sitting there by napkins screaming eat me too!

          1. Just a chime-in from a Baltimore 'hound here. We took this exit off 95 a few weeks ago on a drive up to Vermont, looking for Lenny and Joe's. Saw the row of food trucks and stopped looking. Great, great food from the 2-3 trucks we bought from, even though it was bitterly cold.