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Nov 11, 2012 05:01 PM

Wine Show

A group of 4 are off the wine show next Saturday afternoon. I am looking for a good place to eat after a afternoon of drinking wine!


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  1. Could you give us a sense of what type of cuisine you're interested in. Any travel or budgetary considerations?

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    1. re: Breadcrumbs

      Hey BreadCrumbs I should have been more specific. Travle and budgetary are not concerns. I am thinking maybe a Tapas type ideas as it might be a nice way to dine after some hard wine tasting.

      1. re: bgordon19

        Ok great. What about Torito Tapas in Kensington Market or Cava (mid-town)?

        For small plates I like Origin though I know others here give it mixed reviews.

    2. The convention centre is pretty central, so you've got a plethora of options, especially if you take transit.
      SLM is within easy walking distance, maybe you could grab something there.
      I recommend going quick and casual and maybe avoiding reservations since drinking wine all day can get so tiring.

      1. Patria has gotten some recent positive reviews on here , you can check out their thread. Here is a write up about them:

        1. I think beast on king would be just what you are looking for.