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Nov 11, 2012 04:43 PM

Raagini Indian Bistro - Andover

I checked out the new Indian restaurant Raagini Indian Bistro in Andover. It's in the same plaza as the Stop & Shop on N. Main St.

I thought the buffet was very good, everything was fresh and I liked it better than Bollywood in N. Andover.

I hope to check it out for dinner this coming weekend. It's nice to have another place for Indian food in the area.

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  1. Bollywood is terrible. I had a feeling Raagini was finally open when I saw all the lights on Saturday night as I was going into Grassfields for dinner.

    I am not a fan of I am looking forward to hearing about your dinner experience.

    1. Agreed Bollywood is terrible. Met the owner of Raagini Indian Bistro last Friday. It was their un-announced opening day and it was quite busy for dinner at 5:30pm. I will be going for dinner on Thursday and will report back. The aromas wafting throughout were amazing and the menu looks very appealing.

      1. As promised here is my review of Raagini! I made reservations for 6:30...not sure they were necessary but after being open for one week, they were about 3/4 full. The service was great. Nicely paced and not rushed. after being seated wafers and 2 condiments were immediately brought to the table along with water and drink orders...they have a full bar. The owners came to the table often to make certain that all was to our satisfaction. We (my daughter and I) ordered the vegetable apps, the condiment tray, chicken tikka massala and aloo gobbi. Everything was made to order and DELICIOUS! I truly love Indian food and try it in every country that I visit, especially London. This was outstanding! They opted for the milder side although we order spicy. However I can understand why since they are still very new to Andover and need to know their clientelle a bit more. I ordered a second glass of wine and the waiter forgot. The owner came by with a complimentary dessert to compensate for the error. I am looking forward to my next visit...the lunch buffet. I hope that you try this little gem in Andover town !

        1. went tonight with husband and 2 teenage sons for a birthday good. very fresh
          lamb dosas, chicken pakora, chicken korma, tandori mixed grill and rice and small naan basket. really good and enough for lunch tomorrow.
          service was very good, we've gone at lunch for the buffet a couple of times too. always a very good variety.
          they have the best onion relish!

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            Glad to see all of the positive reviews. I work down the street from Raagini but hadn't tried it yet based on some initial negative Yelp reviews. I miss going to the India Palace in Nashua for their lunch buffet with my former co-workers, and have been hoping for something similar near my new job. Sounds like this fits the bill--hope to check it out next week.

          2. Decided to stop here today since I was in the area and try the lunch buffet. The interior is very nice with good quality furniture. The buffet was pretty much standard with a vegetable curry, Chicken Tikka Masala, a salad bar and the normal condiments. Naan was also available.. The Tandoori Chicken and the Saag Paneer were really good. The Chicken Vindaloo was spicy but lacked acidity. It was OK but not not worth a detour especially with The Mughals around the corner from me.