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Nov 11, 2012 03:52 PM

Wok on a Blue Star Open Burner....WOW!

We got a Blue Star many months ago and didn't get around to using one of the burners without the grate for wok cooking. It was amazingly easy. The pan nestled right into the opening, heated up fast and held steady through vigorous chowing. Looks like it will also be great for the next time we do tempura. Another reason to buy a Blue Star!

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  1. Yer killin me, yer killin me!

    I love to cook..but for now have an electric cook top in a 40 year old house....but own a cast of hand hammered woks, a garden full of asian ingredients, and a slew of asian cookbooks. I know, I know...get off my butt and remodel my kitchen.....

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    1. It is kind of nice the way the wok settles in over the burner.

        1. This was precisely one of the reasons we chose a BlueStar range almost two years ago. We have been enjoying the high heat searing action in a 14" round bottom wok that nestles perfectly into the burner well once the grate is removed. Another reason occurs next week when we fit a 28 lb turkey into its full size oven without needing to employ an oven stretcher.

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            +1 on having the BS for wok cooking. I love mine for that (I too use a 14" standard steel Chinese wok). I also do deep-frying in a wok on the BS. Even tho the burner is "only" 22,000 btu (they say restaurant wok burners are more like 85,000) it does a great job.