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Nov 11, 2012 03:36 PM

Great Filet

My dearest friend loves a good Filet Mignon. I need a good place here in North Jersey to take her for her Bday. She lives in Clifton so anywhere drivable from there would be great


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  1. I know it is a chain, but I am a big fan of the filet at Capital Grille. Other choice would be River Palm in Edgewater...

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      Steve's Steakhouse on Rt. 17 South in Wood Ridge (?). If you go, make sure to get extra sauce, ryebread and bring me with you 8)~. If you don't like salt, not a good choice, as the sauce on the steak will fulfill your salt intake for the week. But a cold beer helps wash it down.

    2. Try Prime and Beyond in Fort Lee. It's BYO. Very casual; you won't be dining for atmosphere. But they have great steaks. Would recommend you check the website first.

      1. Segovia Steak House Main Street Little Ferry or Segovia Restaurant on Moonachie road both have several choices for fillet mingon my favorite is the one wrapped in bacon. Stay away from Steve's unless you like your steak with a very salty marinade.