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Nov 11, 2012 03:01 PM

Montreal food needs: French, steak, brunch

Will be Montreal for a bit less than 48 hours next weekend. Need to hit the following:

- good French food Sunday night before leaving Mon AM
- good steak Saturday night after arriving
- good brunch Sunday morning

All 3 need to be centrally located (staying in the hotel attached to the Bell Centre) - minimal cab ride at most, or <20 minute walk.

French food can't be more than roughly mid-price range. For context, I was looking at La Gargote in Old Montreal, but am open to anything. If the person I'm dining with would consider Joe Beef, I'd go for that providing I can get a reservation on this short of notice. Unless you folks feel I can do much better than Joe Beef?

The steakhouse has to be pretty typical, though good. My dad wants to go to Gibby's -- was there a few years ago, I didn't mind it. From what I've read on here, ya'll are pretty divided on steakhouses in Montreal and there's no real consensus favourite. Can I do significantly better than Gibby's which will also appease a non-foodie? (going with someone more adventurous than my dad for the French food, so that's not a factor when responding to the French request).

Brunch is for Sunday morning before the Argos-Als game, so we need to be able to be seated and served in decent time and still have time to travel to Olympic stadium for not much later than noon. I also don't want to wake up super early, so assume we'll be arriving at the restaurant around 10. Again, it must be centrally located. For brunch, I'm looking for a balance of portions, quality (extra points for anywhere with super-good breakfast potatoes), some greasy-spoon factor, and non-alcoholic drinks (fresh juices and coffee). Can be foody-ish, as long as a non-foodie will have something to order.

Appreciate any help you can offer!

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  1. For brunch, if you have to go to the stadium, why not consider a brunch in that neighbourhood? Le Valois could be a good option for that (and it's french so, might be interesting for you).

    1. One can never go wrong with the good old Taverne on the Square! Known for years as Westmount's first point of access to the wider province. It's also a reasonable walk from the Bell Centre. Check it out:

      1. But if you want a fuller French experience, you have to voyage downtown. There, Alexandre cuts the mustard in an authentically continental manner. Evening menu:

        1. moishes is much better than gibby's

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            Agreed. And they offer a 25$ after 9pm menu (app, main, coffee)

          2. The steak house across from the Bell Centre on Rene Levesque (which used to be Queue de Cheval) is supposed to be good, although quite pricey.
            Joe Beef is very good, but not what I would call "French" food - although it is Quebecois in its own way. And it's not anywhere close to mid-price range, it's on the higher end of the spectrum. But you can check on their website and reserve via opentable, if there is anything available.

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              How about l'entrecote st jean(peel&demaisonneuve) for steak. It's a very different French style steak house. I've always enjoyed my dinner there, I'm a sucker for profiteroles! You could also try les mas des oliviers, old school French restaurant on bishop.