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Kosh , Stamford Ct.

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Anyone been there lately?

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  1. almost, but id love to hear a review, was heading out to milford a couple of weeks ago on a thursday night and was asked to stop there and pick up burgers for a couple of people, when i walked in to place an order during prime dinner hours, the place was empty and they seemed kind of annoyed to be bothered with, so i walked out

    1. Was there a few months ago. Food was great, as always.

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      1. A bit off topic, but now that I live about 20 minutes away from Stamford and am learning there are places to eat there, what other Kosher restaurants are in the area?

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        1. Was there last May, the food was very good. If I remember correctly there were not many customers there, but the service was great, even when we wound up staying a while after their closing time. Additional off-topic--there is a kosher Cinnabon in Stamford. While I don't understand their hours (they don't open til 10 am), and the buns themselves are good, but not the best thing I have ever eaten, the idea of a kosher Cinnabon--just grabbing a mainstream treat and coffee is very enticing.

          1. Went there a few times in the last two weeks while I rode out Sandy by escaping to my kids house in Stamford. I found the food good and the place nice. Once while I was there I saw Senator Joseph Lieberman two tables down. Next time I go there I will make sure to bring along my copy of his book "The Gift of Rest" for him to autograph. I have his book in kindle form on my iPhone as well but could not figure out how to get him to eSign it :)

            1. My wife and I were there on Sunday for lunch (and to get gas) and were not impressed. We had the sliders as appetizers which were cooked well done to the point of being burned, as were the buns. Incredibly dry. We never got to state our cooking preference for them. For the main meal I had the aloha burger medium rare and it was still not all that juicy or flavorful. They also neglected to put the smoked meat on top of the burger and gave it to me later, on the side.

              On the plus side, my wife's chili was good, as were the cajun fries and mashed potatoes. The service was good and I enjoyed watching the game, even if the Giants were getting beat. However, the food was just not worth schlepping to Connecticut for when Carlos and Gabby's and the Stand in Riverdale are much closer and, imho, tastier.