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Nov 11, 2012 02:20 PM

What MUST we eat at the restaurants on our list?

I'm hoping that you all can help us make sure to get the best of our upcoming (first ever) food trip to NYC in mid-December. Based on lots of research through past discussions, we've decided on dinners at Momofuku Ssam, The NoMad, and ABC Kitchen. We will also have brunch at Minetta Tavern. Could you please take a moment to share your must-haves at the above places? We are open to everything delicious. Thanks so much!!

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  1. The NoMad- Chicken for Two and the Roasted Squash
    ABC Kitchen- Any of their veggies and the Salted Caramel Sundae
    Momofuku Ssam- the pork buns of course:)

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      Also at Momofuku Ssam - get the sausage with rice cakes. Exceptional dish!

      Most of all, have fun

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        ABC Kitchen: These are absolute "must haves": Kabocha Squash Toasts; Chicken Liver Toasts; Suckling Pig. Yes to the salted caramel dessert, too.

        Suckling pig at NoMad is sublime, so keep in mind if you do not choose the chicken. (I love both of these and it is a very difficult choice each visit)

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          I was recommended the suckling pig confit at The NoMad, by the waiter, and I tried really hard to enjoy it, but I found it both slightly bland and limp. I mean, there was nothing to bind the pressed meat, so it flakes and then gets grainy in the mouth. I've seen it compared to being like a savory "candy bar", but I guess I just don't understand that. Maybe I'm a little more biased towards something like a roasted suckling pig (Chinese style or Lechon), or even just something like pork belly, just anything that is more chewable.

          I really enjoyed the duck entree at the NoMad, though, that's the best thing I've had there so far.

          ABC Kitchen, I was wowed by the fish.

          Momofuku Ssam Bar, everything was memorable (except the oysters, but that was me being ignorant and ordering off-season). I really like what they do there.

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        1. Go on yelp and/or flickr to see what looks appetizing. That's what I do. Picture is worth a thousand words.

          1. The NoMad - 2nd the chicken for two, don't forget to try some cocktails. Also love the radishes, fruits de mer, and the milk & honey dessert.

            ABC Kitchen - 3rd the salted caramel sundae, would also add on the crab toast with lemon aioli. Their menu is pretty seasonal so some of the dishes available now may not be available in mid-December

            Momofuku Ssam - the menu changes somewhat with the seasons but I would recommend the BBQ bun, market greens (they make their own XO sauce), one of the country hams (if you like cured meats). The Shanghai noodles, apple kimchi, and roasted maitake mushrooms were all excellent when I had them recently.

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