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Nov 11, 2012 02:13 PM

Best Prepared/Take-out to Keep in the Fridge for Microwaving/Reheating..

When I get hungry I want something quick. I've been stock-piling take-out from Szechuan Spice (Fish Filets with Chili Pickle); Mousaka, Dolmades, and Spanakopita from Christo's; BBQ Pork Shoulder from Rooster's, Roast Pork from United Noodle. The hot bar at Seward Co-op looks interesting but haven't tried anything yet. Any other ideas?

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  1. Dan dan noodles from Tea House.

      1. re: splatgirl

        I agree with Brasa. Also at the Seward co-op are some take-out Somali dishes in the refrigerated section. My favorites are the chicken and the greens/cheese dishes. Great heated up even after a couple of days.

        There is also a nice takeout deli section at El Burrito Mercado.

        1. re: shoo bee doo

          2nd, 3rd and 5th the el burrito reco. The MGM location is lacking, but the st. paul one has a refridgerated wall of heat and serve, as well as a salsa variety at the center aisle. I go almost every sunday for football nosh. The chicken tinga is rediculous.
          I also would throw out the la loma frozen tamale option at various grocery. I get mine at everetts.

          1. re: mitch cumstein

            Per your recommendation, I headed down to El Burrito's St. Paul location. So happy I did. As an uber busy grad student, this place will be a lifesaver. Headed over to the refrigerated wall and picked up some chicken tinga, salsas, refried beans and about 12 tamales. Along with the warm tortillas and all the taco fixin's, my meals are set for the next week. Thanks!

            Since I was there, I swung through the deli and grabbed a couple tacos. I tried a lengua and barbacoa. Both delicious but maybe a little too wet for my liking. But, at $2.50 a pop, these were a great deal.

      2. Curry anything. The flavor develops further under refrigeration, and just like chicken soup, it tastes better the next day. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of any of the Indian restaurants that I have tried here so far. Which is why I so miss the old Pak Zam (or whatever it was called) that used to be on Central and 18th.

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            Curry put me in the mind of Thai curry. Just stopped by Taste of Thailand for some duck curry. Thanks for the great idea!

          2. Seward has some pretty interesting dishes in their fridge case. I especially like their soups, but also some of the grain dishes. I just had a chicken tikka masala bowl that was dreadfully bland.

            I think, in general, you can find some interesting stuff in the fridge cases at the various co-ops and even at Whole Foods. Seward and WF's also have rotisserie chicken.

            For "comfort food" Lunds and Byerly's usually have some good options in their deli fridge cases.

            And, yes, we also order more than we think we'll need at Brasa so we know we'll have leftovers for later!


            1. As a crazy-busy person with no time to cook, here are my sure-fire winners for stocking in the fridge or freezer.

              Piroshkhi from the Russian Tea House. You can buy them already frozen; wrap in a damp paper towel when microwaving for a perfect lunch. Be sure to order a cup or two of their amazing tomato sauce (which usually accompanies the "unrolled" cabbage rolls) for dipping.

              Emily's Deli. Oh, Emily, how I love you and your children (who have carried on the restaurant). We always get a ton of extra food when we're here. I especially love the spinach pie, the baked kibbe, and the stuffed zucchini, but anything from the deli case is great.

              Lahmajun from Caspian Bistro. You can get them in frozen packs of 8 (or 10?). We toss them into a hot oven for 10 minutes or so, add a salad or soup, and voila - a fabulous lunch or light supper.

              Tamales from El Burrito Mercado (my favorite) or La Loma. These can be frozen, but I usually eat them too quickly.

              Holy Land - anything from the deli or restaurant counter is great. I like getting a rotisserie chicken plus a vat of tabbouli and a container of the Egyptian hummos (fava bean salad). But I've been known to eat nothing but garlicy hummos, carrot sticks, and toasted pita for dinner. Mmmmmmm.....

              Seward Co-op has hit-or-miss prepared food - most is pretty good, but some is frankly weird (like the spices on their rotisserie chicken). However, the sesame kale is AWESOME - I buy gallons of the stuff when it's available. And thanks to shoo bee doo for the reminder about the the Somali dishes in the fridge case - I haven't had them for a while, but I love the greens!

              And of course, Brasa. Life is good when we have a fridge full of food from Brasa!