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Autumn Omakase at Mori Sushi: A Pictorial Essay

There's a definite chill in the air, so it was time to return to Mori Sushi for their autumn omakase offerings.

Verdict: Simply fantastic. For me, this wondrous meal reaffirmed Mori Sushi's rightful place as the best edomae-style sushi in Los Angeles.

Photo comments:

- Special umeshu (sweet plum wine) from Iwate Prefecture, infused with sake! Gently & naturally sweet.

- Housemade tofu, freshly grated wasabi, and housemade soy sauce... Refreshing!
- Ankimo (monkfish liver), seaweed, cucumber, ginnan (ginkgo nuts), iwashi shoga (sardines with ginger), okra, nasu (eggplant) with sesame seeds, chestnut, and red shishito pepper...
- Broth of kamasu (baby barracuda), nasu (eggplant), ginnan (gingko nuts) & sudachi (a Japanese citrus)... Clear and complex.
- Grilled makajiki (blue marlin), with baby turnip & sudachi... Wow! So nice!

- Allagash White Ale, from Portland, Maine... Perfect with sushi!

Sushi courses (the rice ranks with Yamakase as the top 2 sushi rices in L.A., in my book):
- Suzuki (Japanese sea bass)...
- Ishigarei (wild stone flounder)...
- Aji (Spanish mackerel)...
- Hon shishamo (premium smelt)... Rare to find.
- Buri (wild yellowtail)...
- Hon maguro (bluefin lean tuna)...
- Sayori (Japanese halfbeak, or needlefish)...
- Saba (chub mackerel)...
- Chu-toro (bigeye medium fatty tuna)...
- Aori ika (broad-mantle squid), with shiso leaf...
- Engawa (halibut fin)...
- Mirugai (giant clam)...
- Makajiki (blue marlin)...
- Tako (octopus) with ume (sweet plum)...
- Kinmedai tataki (seared alfonsino, or golden eye snapper)...
- Uni (sea urchin roe), from Santa Barbara...
- Sujiko (salmon roe in sac)...
- Uni (sea urchin roe), from Hokkaido...
- Anago (sea eel)...
- Awabi (abalone)... This monster abalone was 50+ years old!
- Bincho maguro tataki (seared albacore belly)...
- Botan ebi (spot prawn)... The last few weeks of the season for this shrimp.
- O-toro (bluefin fatty tuna)...
- Tamago (egg cake)...

Dessert courses:
- Persimmon gelée, whipped tofu with kuomitsu (black sugar syrup), served with hojicha (Japanese roasted green tea)... A delicate, sweet finish to another great meal by itamae Maru-san.

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  1. Did Maru-san serve Mori-san's rice from Uruguay?

    1. Beautiful, J.L. thanks!
      Are they serving the Allagash or did you bring?

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      1. re: Ciao Bob

        They have served Alagash white for a while now. Had a seasonal one once a couple years back that was outstanding. Haven't seen it since.

      2. J.L., thanks for the review. What is the cost of Autumn Omakase?

        1. How did the Santa Barbara and Hokkaido unis compare?

          The o-toro looks rather unimpressive, but the rest looks great.

          1. My first visit to Mori in years, recently, was simply exceptional.

            1. Meh, just raw fish, what's the big deal.

              [insert sarcasm]

              Give me a good ol' crusty, deep-fried Filet-O-Fish any day.

              [insert more sarcasm]

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              1. re: ipsedixit

                yeah, it's just raw fish and to think years ago they just threw out the now much prized fatty tuna.

                it's tough being a hound.

                btw, have any of you ever been dragged to Hara sushi, near Sasabune ???

                1. re: ns1

                  You were already anticipating my question on cost ?

                  Thanks for asking first.

                  1. re: kevin

                    Yes, with any sushi thread I can expect you or me to come in asking about cost.


                2. good god sushi porn! where's the vasoline?

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                  1. Thanks, gang! The rice is a blend of Californian and Japanese varieties, if memory serves. The Allagash is offered at Mori Sushi. The o-toro was a bonus that I had requested from Maru-san. He said that there were so many better fatty fishes that night, that he did not feel the need to include the o-toro as part of the omakase (and Maru-san was right).

                    The overall cost was $195 per person (incl. alchohol & tax but not tip).

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                    1. re: J.L.

                      what about the uni????

                      which do u prefer?

                      1. re: TailbackU

                        Oh yes, the uni. I thought the Santa Barbara uni was the winner this time around, because it was so smooth, creamy, and delicate. Usually, I prefer the Hokkaido uni from Maru-san. The Hokkaido uni this time tasted very briny. Not a bad thing, necessarily, but taste-wise, it was "colder and harder" than the previous times I've tried Hokkaido uni.

                        But honestly, with the quality at Mori, I'll take both types anyday.

                      2. re: J.L.

                        Wow not bad at all. I think my bill was higher even. (shudder(.

                        But then again I had three pieces of the o-toro And three of the chu-toro and three of the maguro.

                        I noticed you didn't have the spongecake like tamago ???

                        1. re: kevin

                          Yeah that's not bad at all. In fact, it's actually really reasonable now that I think about it. Mori remains the last major sushi place on my list that I haven't tried, and this just might push me over the edge...