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Wedding Venue/Resort Where Guests Can Stay Over?

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Hi, we are young professionals, recently engaged and looking for a wedding venue maybe 1-2 hours from Boston where the guests would be able to stay on the property. I'd like a place where our family and friends could go and make a weekend of it--preferably never having to leave the property. We would like a late summer/early fall wedding.

- We're probably looking at around a 150-guest wedding, it is likely that not all guests would stay over.

-We would love to avoid Newport proper, but are not averse to the surrounding areas, e.g. Bristol, Middletown

-Obviously, great food is must

Thank you in advance for the help, you guys are the best.

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  1. The two best options on the Cape are high end waterfront resorts with prices that aren't for the squeamish. But both the Chatham Bars Inn and the Wequasett Inn provided for a stunning locale, excellent food and service, and beautiful rooms in a great location on Cape Cod.We been to remarkable weddings at both locales.


    1. If you are interested in Connecticut, you might want to check out Waters Edge Resort in Westbrook, CT. It is right on Long Island sound and is about 1 1/2 hours from Boston.

      1. Wentworth By the Sea in Portsmouth New Hampshire.

        1. Another pricy but gorgeous option is Ocean House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island.

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            Ocean House is goergeous, but I think a little too far from Boston for us. Thank you all for the great suggestion. We are still in the early stages of our venue search, so please keep the ideas coming. Thanks again.

          2. We got married at the Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster. The ceremony was just down the street at the First Church in Brewster. We wanted a little more of a casual reception, so we set up a big tent outside the clubhouse at the resort. Everything was wonderful. Just about everyone stayed in condos right on property. They also have a beautiful mansion on property with ocean views.

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              I would second Wequasset in Harwich.

            2. My wife and I just got married about two weeks ago at The International golf resort in Bolton, Mass. It was a really wonderful time, and they are definitely also into food. Their chef, Joe Brenner, worked side-by-side with Todd English, opening restaurants all over North America, but took the job at The International when Mr. English's luster started to fade.

              Their menu, on paper, is incredible, with traditional and more creative hors d'oeuvres and entrees, and plenty of customization and variety. At our tasting, we actually met Chef Brenner and discussed some changes to the standard menu items we wanted to make, and he was totally open to them and carried our changes right to our wedding day. As many ingredients are as locally sourced as possible, and the International has a great farm-to-table relationship with nearby Nicewicz farm. If you want to try Joe Brenner's food before settling on the venue, his restaurant at the International is called The Fireplace Room, and is amazing as well.

              On premise, they have The Lodge, which is a 50 room luxury hotel, and the best part about it is that they give you their large common room with 1-2 bartenders until 1 am at no extra charge - built in afterparty! The Lodge common room itself has a late night menu that you can choose from to cater the afterparty - we had a hotdog bar and Italian style brick oven pizzas. Our guests wiped the hotdog bar clean in about 15 minutes, it was amazing!

              Their coordinator, Kate Parker, is very professional, and very accomodating. We were able to order "off menu" for our stationed appetizers (we did both stationed and passed appetizers), we were able to change the on tap beer selection to include Wachusset Country Ale, and she really helped us personalize our reception. I can't say enough great things about her!
              Bolton itself is a cutsey little New England town, and there's some fun things to do there. Nashoba Valley Winery is only a few minutes away.