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Nov 11, 2012 01:39 PM

7 hours stopover in London

Hi :-) Looking for ideas for a "walkable" food centered afternoon, landing around 15:30 and would like to visit the best foodie store options, prefferebly in the same area, picking up great food options on the way, but from places that might not require special seating and ordering etc - open to diverse cuisines, the small places, pastries, chocolatiers, ice cream etc.. What would have been your "foodie's dream plan" for a couple of hours in this great city ? Thanks !

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  1. Will you have 7 hours total between flights or will you have 7 hours to actually spend in London? Are you arriving at and leaving from Heathrow?

    Figure that travel time on the Picadilly underground tube will take 45 minutes between Heathrow & central London. Travel time between Heathrow & Paddington Station on the express train will be 15-20 minutes.

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      Thanks for the info. It is 7 hours between flights, so probably express train to Paddington station will be the most efficient way.

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        Between clearing customs, traveling into London, traveling back to Heathrow, checking in for your next flight and clearing security, you will be lucky to have even 3 hours in central London.

        How well do you know London? Have you been there before? Are you familiar with traveling around London on the underground?

        1. re: DavidT

          I would recommend going to the upper right-hand corner of this page and doing a search for "Paddington." You should be able to find a number of past threads with food & dining options within walking distance of Paddington Station.

          I would also recommend doing a search for "Queensway," which is a street/neighborhood (not far from Paddington) that has many food/dining options (many of them Asian/ethnic) as well.

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            Hi David, thanks a lot. I've been to London in the past and familiar with the transport system there, indeed i will not have as much time that i would like to have there, but i think it will be enough to have a short "refreshing" visit between the flights. Checked already Paddington and will also do Queensway, i want to check possibilities of speciallity supermarkets like middle east, asian etc. to do some interesting ingridients shopping, altough visiting also Harrods and other gourmet food stores might be great, but i guess that it might be too crazy to do all this with the time limit..

          2. re: DavidT

            It also depends on where you're going on the continuing flight, and what the baggage issues are (do you have to claim/recheck bags? What about carryons?)

            If you leave the airport of your own volition, you also relieve the airline of any obligation to honor your ongoing ticket...and you may be faced with buying a last-minute, walk-up ticket if something goes pear-shaped.

            Much as I love London, I've had to play a realtime version of Mornington Crescent, courtesy of TFL, far too many times to ever be 100% sure that I could be exactly where I needed to be exactly when I needed to be there.

            1. re: sunshine842

              I think that there shouldn't be an issue with the baggage, it is not a long connection so this will be ok, BA will take care :-) Carryon apart from not bringing in back from the city liquids of course, i don't think there should be a problem, i will anyway have to do security but not check in, at least this is what i do in other situations like that, don't think it will be different, just in a case where imigration on entarance might have something to say.
              I think that if i stick to Paddington area and maybe decide to have there a very nice meal (any good Chinese or Indian there? ) i might be OK with the plan..

              1. re: oferl

                Pearl Liang is a few minutes walk from Paddington Station, nice Chinese.

                1. re: Kavey

                  Thanks :-) It has a nice website and might be an inetersting option.

                  1. re: oferl

                    I've reviewed a meal I had there on my blog, but in summary, we had a few very good dim sum items, a lovely seafood lettuce wrap presented wrapped up in a lacey omelette, and a fabulous braised beancurd dish which was so much more impressive than its boring menu name suggested.