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Nov 11, 2012 01:25 PM

my honeymoon in paris/lyon/barcelona - restaurant advice please :)

Hi everyone, I have loved reading the posts in here for restaurant ideas for Paris and Barcelona. I am really grateful for all of the information that is available on here for people like myself that want to get ideas for restaurants to try.

My fiance (elaine) and I will be spending a month in europe on our honeymoon (we're from Melbourne, Australia). We fly in on the 20th of April at 6:10 am. Elaine will be taking classes at Ecole Gastronomique Bellouet Conseil Paris (in the 15th), so we are trying to fit dining around schedule. We're planning on staying near the eiffel tower.

Our budget is around 100 euros per person for meals (food only) for special restaurants, but I would prefer to aim for the 50 euro mark wherever possible. I am also happy going to markets to get cheese, baguettes and charcuterie to have a picnic in a park. These are the restaurants that we are planning on going to:

Guy Savoy (lunch)
Pierre Gagnaire (lunch) - can anyone tell me the average price for lunch here?
le comptoir
le chateaubriand
huiterere regis

I generally prefer laidback dining where possible, but I am also happy to try some three star michelin options. Are these restaurants a good mix to try, or are they too similar? If anyone has other suggestions I would be happy to hear. I would like to try a reasonable spread of restaurants. We'll be in paris for a total of 12 nights.

Also, we will be in Paris on two weekends. Are there any options for weekends (I see that most restaurants are closed)? If I have not searched thouroughly enough on here for the details of weekend bookings, tell me and i'll keep digging.

I know that i am planning this a long time in advance, but i want to make sure that i can get reservations for the days that i want.

I have yet to research lyon and barcelona, so if anyone has suggestions for those locations I would love to hear them!


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  1. We perused the Bastille market on a lovely Sunday morning and then walked a mere two blocks to the lovely L'Auberge d' Flora for Sunday brunch. Fortunately, you can make reservations via email and they are absolutely necessary for brunch. The place was packed...nonetheless, we had a brilliant brunch that we enjoyed immensely. At 28E it was also a good deal.
    Love Barcelona. So jealous. A whole month. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

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    1. re: shanemio

      Thanks for the information shanemio.
      It takes us over a day to get to Europe, so we plan on making the most of it!

      We're looking at 7 nights Barcelona, so that should be good. I'm just counting down the days to making reservations for the restaurants :)

      1. re: Coontentment

        I would HIGHLY recommend St Pau just outside of Barcelona. It will blow your budget for a few days, but it is worth it! An hour train ride (very cheap) and a five minute walk to one of the most amazing places I have been lucky enough to eat - and the most beautiful and amazing train ride too and fro (I suggest lunch which allows you to see the sea).
        Cinq Sentis and Hisop - both in your price range (esp for tasting menu lunch) are among my favorite and revelatory meals -
        all of these have been extensively reviewed on the board
        As for Paris -
        I am among a minority who were seriously disappointed by Spring, when I had the tasting menu a PG AIR it was around 120 euros.
        BTW congrads :)

        1. re: Coontentment

          We were disappointed when we couldn't book Frenchie in January so book early. If you like Asian food, one of our favorite meals of our trip was at Lao-Lane Xang. You must order the crispy duck. It is divine and was worth the trek to the outskirts!

          Don't forget at falafel wrap at L'As du Falafel, crepes at Breizh Cafe. And get the Vanille tart at Pierre delicious :)

          In Barcelona, we're planning our vacation in a month and the only reservation we can't get is for Tickets restaurant which books 60days out on their website at midnight barcelona time so I'd recommend you set your calendar for the booking.

          1. re: arnage

            I have breizh cafe on the list, possibly the first day i get in, in fact :)

            i'm not 100% on spring. it's the only one i am unsure of at this stage. the others listed are definite, and then i was also considering robuchon at etoile.

            for lyon, i have this list currently: paul bocuse, mere brazier, auberge de l'ile barbe, au 14 fevrier, Chez Daniel et Denise, Café des Fédérations, La Meunière, Leon de Lyon, and cafe comptoir abel. i doubt i'll fit them all in 7 days though.

            also for barcelona i am considering: 41 degrees/tickets, cinc sentits, cata 181, and then some casual tapas bars

            1. re: Coontentment

              Didn't go to Spring but went to Saturne which is the same concept more or less and I got blown away that night (120/person for the tasting menu with wine pairings).

      2. For barcelona, please ask in the Spain forum...

        As for Savoy and Gagnaire, they will both bust your 100E per person budget, even at lunch with the cheaper menus (110e internet special at Savoy), and more so if you order wine.

        Instead of going all out on 3 stars, you could go to some of the better 1star or 2stars; but even then, you will have difficulty dealing with your budget restriction (IMO).

        As for the other restaurants, they are discussed in every other posts,

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        1. re: Maximilien

          Thanks for your feedback Maximilien :)
          Although 100 euro would be the most i'd want to pay, for savoy and gagnaire i'd be happy to pay a little bit more.

          I'm planning on going to Savoy for the 110 euro internet special? however Gagnaire I am not sure about. If lunch is still 120 euros that is ok.

          although I want to budget 100 euros per meal, I would be happy to go over if there is a big reason.

          My fiance and i are not big drinkers - maybe a glass of wine each over dinner only.

          1. re: Coontentment

            My mention of PG was for lunch and a year or two ago - don't know current cost or if dinner is more (it usually is!)

              1. re: Maximilien

                for pierre? that's why planning on doing the lunch - i don't think that we can afford to have a lot of expensive meals - i that that at least going for lunch would give us a small taste into why they are so good.

        2. The original comment has been removed