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Nov 11, 2012 01:08 PM

PARC Brasserie - - Great find in Philly

If you are looking for a Paris style bistro experience/menu inPhilly - this is a good place to put on your MUST GO TO list..

Was in town for a conference and was taken here for my birthday. Located nicely across from a perfect little city park , near other eateries and shops - there was alot of life in the area on probably one of the last warm Friday evenings in November.

We ate inside and sat by a window - but they still had table service outside as they had excellent heaters placed along the outside of their space - but we opted to eat in.

Onion soup, escargot,steak tartare and duck were all amazing. Great cocktails, and they brought out a meringue cookie assortment complete with lighted sparkler for my birthday! we ordered desserts - also outstanding.
Finished with an absinthe.

Great service and awesome fellow diners

Make this must stop if you are looking for some bistro food , outstanding service and very enjoyable dining room vibe.

Sitting by the window and people watching while eating was a definite plus.

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  1. Had a great meal the other day here. The basil cocktail is out of this world. The rabbit was absolutely delicious. Mussels were just OK. Coq au vin was very good. Bread was a winner, too. Great location and fun atmosphere.

    1. Ive always liked Parc. My only complaint about the place is that sometimes the food is too salty. Now, when ordering, I ask to go easy on the salt! Other than that--great place!