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Nov 11, 2012 10:42 AM

Dartmouth, MA/Cuttyhunk

In August or September I'll be flying into Boston or Providence. After two days in Boston we're headed to Dartmouth, MA then to Cuttyhunk.

Any "must goes"? I will also do searches to see what others have recommended recently.

I love casual, hole in the wall local places. If it's delicious but is served in a basket lined with newspaper I'm game. Dives are fine and I love drinking beer and chatting with locals. I love seafood of all kinds but have never had lobster, only crab.

From some initial research I've learned Cuttyhunk doesn't have much in the way of restaurants but I have friends on the island (hence the reason for my visit) so I'm not terribly worried about it.

I live in Utah and have never been back east, I'm very excited!

Thanks in advance, everyone! :-)

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  1. Here are some thoughts for you:

    The Back Eddy in Westport
    Margaret's and/or Elizabeth's in Fairhaven
    Antonio's (Portuguese) in New Bedford
    Turk's in Mattapoisett

    I think most of them have a web site, or at least some on-line reviews if you want to research more.

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        HUGE +1 for Elizabeth's...esp for lunch. Order off special menu and be amazed. Another +1 for Antonios. If you advernturous the Rabbit is amazing.

        I'd also throw in the Airport Grill in NB for somewhat upscale excellent American food. Downtown New Bedford has a few good spots for drinks: Rose Alley, Pour Farm and Cork (which doubles as a Tapas rest) Both Rose Alley and Cork are directly across route 18 from where I assume you'll take the boat to Cuttyhunk. (unless your going via private boat)