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Nov 11, 2012 10:34 AM

best restaurants in Santa Fe

We are planning to spend the Thanksgiving holidays in Sante Fe. It has been several years since we were there and thus don't now the current restaurant scene. We have to admit to all being foodies. Where should we make sure to eat while there?

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  1. Hi PrincetonChowhound,

    I'm surprised there haven't been any replies yet to your thread. Maybe it's because there are so many similar threads up already, and fairly recent ones, too. Hope you've found the information you seek in those already, but, if not, maybe adding a few specifics to your query will help. What kind of food and restaurants do you like? Are you interested in New Mexican food especially, or are you up for any kind of cuisine? Are you looking for somewhere to eat Thanksgiving dinner, or just places to eat around that time? Do you want to stay in Santa Fe, or will you be heading up to Taos as well?

    Whatever the itinerary, hope you have a great trip,

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      We have reservations at Geronimos for Thanksgiving dinner. The frustration is that two of the reservations we made in Sante Fe are at restaurants that have since gone out of business -- Aqua Sante and Epazote. Amazing. We do have reservations at La Boca. Hopefully they will be there when we arrive. We like food that pushes the envelop but is quality. We are not into heavy steak house places. We like seafood. And yes we are staying in Santa Fe but we are going to Taos for a day so any recommendations there are welcome. Thanks.

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        Oh, please *do* tell how you like your Thanksgiving dinner at Geronimos :). It is one of my favorite places to dine in Santa Fe and I'd love to know what they'll offer and how you like it.
        I love the Elk tenderloin...I've never had anyone prepare it the way they do and so many of their other dishes are wonderful. The attention to detail and their stellar service make Geronimo exemplary. Enjoy your time in lovely Santa Fe and Happy Thanksgiving.

      1. La Boca is outstanding. The Inn of the Anasazi and Il Piatti are very good. La Chosa has excellent New Mex. Pasqual's Cafe is very good especially for lunch. Clafoutis has excellent pastry and breakfast. In Taos we always go to Orlando's for the best New Mex in the state. Reservations are needed everywhere.

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          Forgot about Taos. Agree about Orlando's. Lambert's too. Love Apple, Grahams Grill too.