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Nov 11, 2012 09:48 AM

Recipe To Riches [Spoilers, moved from Ontario]

Spoiler Alert

On the show they called the meatballs that won "Empress Meatballs" but when they put them on the shelf they were called "Triple S Meatballs"
Did they run into trademark troubles?

Anyways, we tried them last night, and they weren't very good, very grainy, and overly spicy.

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  1. Agree. The gochujang-inspired flavour packs heat, but not in a pleasant way. The sweet/spicy balance is way off, and the meat has a very weird synthetic texture. I wish they could have focused more on developing the texture and have the sauce in a separate packet.

    For some reason, I also found the packaging photo of the woman offensive.

    Of the final three contestants, I was really rooting for the quinoa/cheese balls. I thought it would be a great substitute for falafels in a veggie wrap.

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    1. re: happycamper

      I hated the girl who made them, I hate seafood, but I was rooting for the crab on a stick guy

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        I tried those meatballs last night, I had two, then tossed them. They were like spicy sand, just horrible.

      2. Has anyone tried the other products from this season?

        I am all caught up now. I am curious about the Butter Chicken dish and the chocolate squares that won

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          I have tried the cheesy bees nest (or whatever they ended up getting called), the winner of the first episode. They were delicious but highly overpriced.

        2. I was really disappointed to see her win.... we already have enough meatballs on the shelves at grocery stores!! I was rooting for the EITHER of the other two contestants. Aside from the first episode, I've been disappointed with all the products so far.