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Nov 11, 2012 09:46 AM

Can butternut squash cubes be frozen??

Got some at BJ's today so I could get my free turkey. I'd like to be freeze them to use for roasted butternut squash cubes for Thanksgiving. Will that work if I freeze them? Thanks!

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  1. Yup, they freeze great and you can roast, boil, whatever right from their frozen state.

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    1. At which BJs do you shop to get a free turkey? I've been a member for several years in PA and never was aware such an offer.

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        They had the flier in the rack at the front of the store.....if you buy 4 diff. items off the list specified you get a free turkey. Offer expires 11/14

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          I would call or go to your local BJ and if they don't have the offer see if they will match it. Granted its a butterball and only good on up to 12 lb birds (I think). I did this and donated it all to the local food pantry.

          Here is the actual deal:

          Get a free Butterball turkey through Nov. 14 at BJ's Wholesale Club with purchase four qualifying products using a coupon available at the entrance to the store.

          Buy four from the list below to get the free bird:

          Coca-Cola Product - 4 pack/2 Liters Swanson Natural Chicken Broth - 3 pack Any Knorr Sides - 8 pack Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce - 6 pack Le Sueur Early June Peas - 6 pack Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese Jonathan TÂ’s Frozen Puff Pastry Collection - 80 count MamaÂ’s Frozen Jumbo Cheese Ravioli - 4 lbs. Pillsbury Frozen Buttermilk Biscuits - 36 count Green Giant Cubed Butternut Squash - 2 lbs.