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Nov 11, 2012 09:03 AM

Mujadara and Fatoush

I used to love the Mujadara (lentils, carmelized onions) and Fatoush salad at Sepal, back when they were in Watertown. I know Sepal still has stands at the Galleria and at MIT, but I didn't see the mujadara at either. Any recommendations on where to go now?

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  1. My family loves the mujadara at Cafe Barada in Cambridge. It isn't topped with caramelized onions, but has a delicious onion flavor throughout. If you go, you might also want to try the ful mudammus, a delicious garlic and lemon bean preparation.

    1. the Armenian grocery stores in Watertown (Maissis, Arax, etc.) all carry both in their prepared foods sections. Sofra on the Belmont/Cambridge line probably also has both on occasion.

      1. Jasmine Persion Restaurant has an excellent Fatoush salad. Clean flavors and lots of cucumber and mint.

        1. I don't know if they have those particular dishes, but Boston Kabob in Allston has the best Palestinian food I've ever had.

          1. If you do end up exploring the Armenian markets in Watertown, I hope you'll visit their close neighbor, Eastern Lamejun, in Belmont. I think their flavorings, in all their dishes, are superior to those at Sevan, Arax etc. bear also mentioned 'ful mudammus' ; just fyi, the Egyptian place, Azama Grill in Allston- does a very flavorful version of this, as a salad or in a roll-up.

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              totally agree about Eastern Lamejun's better flavorings over Arax and Sevan
              never had EL's mujadara, though
              last time (June 2012) I found the mujadara at Arax to be all but inedible
              current fave for mujadara is the mjadra at Byblos in Norwwod, bit pricey at $14, though

              1. re: opinionatedchef

                I think the lamejun is best at Eastern Lamejun but for me all the food is better at Massis. It may be because the people at Massis are from the same city that my grandparents came from and each different region has a slightly different cooking style. Their food tastes like I make it.

                1. re: Weatherly

                  agree with Cafe Barada . Also if they have it on the day you go, we loved the Maklouta, a bean and bulgher stew

                  1. re: Weatherly

                    that's really neat; i'll stop in when i'm over there next. thx!