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Nov 11, 2012 08:45 AM

Kosher Hotel for Shabbos Chanukah

Does anyone know of any hotels in Tri State area that are having a glatt kosher weekend for Shabbos Chanukah ?

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  1. The Raleigh, but it is a Chasidish run hotel and the crowd will skew very much to the right. I posted about their food on here before. We loved it. It's a real Catskills type hotel too as you'll read.

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      My son was there recently. Be careful, they have a serious mold problem. According to a friend, Hatzoloh upstate gets many calls there for asthma attacks.

    2. It's not what you requested, but Prime at the Bentley (UES) would serve you shabbos meals and is walkable from several major shuls that often have exciting speakers on shabbos.

      1. This week's Jewish Press is advertising 3 different Glatt Kosher Programs as follows:

        1) The Berkely Ocean Front Hotel, Asbury Park, NJ sponsored by OHR-NAAVA 718-647-6228
        (I do not know this hotel and am concerned due to the recent "Sandy" damage)
        2) Stamford Plaza Hotel, Stamford, Con. sponsored by Tomchei Shabbos of Pelham Parkway
        Tel. 800-522-1850 (I was there for Shabbos Nachuma and found it to be very luxurious)
        3)Radisson Hotel, Piscataway, NJ run by the Meisner Family Tel. 347-554-1558 (decent hotel)

        I am also debating whether or not to go. Right now I am checking on pricing. Please let me know if you know of any good deals. Good luck.

        1. The Crowne Plaza Danbury, Danbury, CT - looks like a beautiful property, and not too far from NY/NJ. Caterer expected to be chosen this week, and supposed to be solid. Chaim Kiss - 201-970-7687.

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