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Kosher Hotel for Shabbos Chanukah

Does anyone know of any hotels in Tri State area that are having a glatt kosher weekend for Shabbos Chanukah ?

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  1. The Raleigh, but it is a Chasidish run hotel and the crowd will skew very much to the right. I posted about their food on here before. We loved it. It's a real Catskills type hotel too as you'll read.

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      My son was there recently. Be careful, they have a serious mold problem. According to a friend, Hatzoloh upstate gets many calls there for asthma attacks.

    2. It's not what you requested, but Prime at the Bentley (UES) would serve you shabbos meals and is walkable from several major shuls that often have exciting speakers on shabbos.

      1. This week's Jewish Press is advertising 3 different Glatt Kosher Programs as follows:

        1) The Berkely Ocean Front Hotel, Asbury Park, NJ sponsored by OHR-NAAVA 718-647-6228
        (I do not know this hotel and am concerned due to the recent "Sandy" damage)
        2) Stamford Plaza Hotel, Stamford, Con. sponsored by Tomchei Shabbos of Pelham Parkway
        Tel. 800-522-1850 (I was there for Shabbos Nachuma and found it to be very luxurious)
        3)Radisson Hotel, Piscataway, NJ run by the Meisner Family Tel. 347-554-1558 (decent hotel)

        I am also debating whether or not to go. Right now I am checking on pricing. Please let me know if you know of any good deals. Good luck.

        1. The Crowne Plaza Danbury, Danbury, CT - looks like a beautiful property, and not too far from NY/NJ. Caterer expected to be chosen this week, and supposed to be solid. Chaim Kiss - 201-970-7687.

          1. Does anyone know of any hotels in Tri State area that are having a glatt kosher weekend for Shabbos Chanukah ?

            1. we are on of the sponsors for this retreat, it a 1st class affair: https://www.facebook.com/chanukahgeta...

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                No reflection on the operators of the retreat.

                COCO KEY in Waterbury is a terrible DUMP. The rooms are dilapidated, smelly and decorated as if it's 1975.
                The management is surly at best.
                The water park attracts the worst element and you will not want to expose your family to it.

                I am stuck there every February a a proctor of the CT State Bar Exam.

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                  A NYC group sold out their hotel for Sukkos, they must have done huge renovation because the all had a great time.

                  The water park is rented exclusively for Chanukah splash, no one else can use it during the Chanukah Splash.

                  This past weekend Moriah school from NJ, had rented the whole hotel

                  It is an amazing place now. Sorry you had a bad experience a year ago. They have been doing extensive work.

                  Thanks for your kind post.

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                    I've been there within the past two months. It is still a dump.
                    All your hyperbole is just to sell rooms and turn a profit, that's the purpose of this venture. The fact that you claim the water park portion is rented for your exclusive use doesn't change the quality of the facility or the groups that rent the large public rooms in the hotel for weekly church services, dances etc.

                    BTW>>>> The resort is selling day passes for the waterpark on its website for every day of Chanukah to the general public. So that contradicts your exclusive claim.

                    Even renting the whole hotel doesn't put out those groups with contracts for the space on a weekly basis.
                    I have been familiar with this hotel since it opened nearly 30 years ago as a Sheraton Four Seasons. The franchise was pulled when the operators left it go to seed.
                    Putting in the waterpark with its overpriced food operations didn't improve the hotel side.

                    BTW, our family has been in business in Waterbury since 1958. I am intimately familiar with the area and its politics and shortcomings.
                    Waterbury is one of the cheapest areas within a two hours drive of NYC for yeshiva and Kollel families to live with kosher food readily available. It is not a vacation destination.
                    The facility offers the waterpark which may make the kids happy, but parents will find nothing of interest, except adjoining a Kohl's and Costco.

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                      I can argue over a fact, but almost every other weekend there is a Jewish Group, NYC Bar-Bat Mitzvah here, so I feel bad that its not your taste. But I invite you to join us for a program packed weekend for the young & young at heart. The CoCo Key Water Resort has a perfect temperature of 84 degrees, rain or shine! Your kids will enjoy 50,000 Square Feet of Indoor Adventure; the Adventure River, three 40-Foot Body and Raft Rides, a huge Activity Pool with Water Basketball, Lily Pad Adventure, and Parrot’s Perch Interactive Play Island with Zero-Depth Entry Kiddie Area.

                      On the agenda will be inspirational lectures and shiurim by renowned international speaker Rabbi Yossi Jacobson and Rabbi Manis Friedman and musical entertainment by Israel’s ambassador of song, Sandy Shmuely.

                      Attendees can expect to be wined and dined in style by Levi Feigenson and the staff of gourmet Table One Catering. There will be a lavish tea room open 24 hours.

                      The luxurious facilities of the Coco Key offer exclusive hours for men and women at the Coco key Water Resort and at the heated indoor swimming pool, sauna and whirlpool. A state of the art fitness center is located on the premises.

                      Participants are invited to join the nearby 16th annual Chanukah on the Slopes on Sunday December 21 from 12-7 pm. Activities include skiing, snow tubing and Chanukah crafts.

                      Full Day Camp is included in your stay.

                      Babysitting options for children will be available.

                      Featured Presenters

                      Rabbi Yosef Y. Jacobson - Scholar - renowned author, counselor, lecturer and philosopher, Rabbi Manis Friedman uses ancient wisdom and modern wit as he captivates audiences around the country and around the world. He hosts his own critically acclaimed cable television series, Torah Forum with Manis Friedman, syndicated throughout North America. Over 150,000 copies of his provocative yet entertaining tapes, both audio and video have been sold.

                      Rabbi Manis Friedman enthuses each of his listeners and readers with a sense of purpose and definite direction.

                      Rabbi Yosef Y. Jacobson - Scholar - Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak (YY) Jacobson is one of the most sought after speakers in the Jewish world today, lecturing to Jewish and non-Jewish audiences on six continents and in forty states, and serving as teacher and mentor to thousands across the globe. He is considered one of the most mesmerizing orators internationally, culling his ideas from the entire spectrum of Jewish thought and making them relevant to contemporary audiences.

                      Rabbi Jacobson is dean of TheYeshiva.net, teaching, via the web, one of the largest Torah classes in the world today, with thousands of students globally. He is the first rabbi to have given the keynote address to the US military chaplains, and to the 34,000 employees of the National Security Agency. He also serves as a columnist in the largest Yiddish English newspaper existing today, The Algemeiner Journal.

                      Sandy Shmuely, an Israeli singer and song writer, originally began his professional career as a member of the North Command Entertainment Group, which was stationed in the Golan Heights.

                      Since then, Sandy has established himself as a talented composer and recording artist in the United States, Canada, Israel, Europe and South America.

                      His unique style gives listeners a performance of tenderness and strength. His high spirits and incredible energy invites audience participation and creates a wonderful feeling of a community.

                      Sandy has performed in major locales such as Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Caracus, Montevideo, Rio De Janero, Sao Paulo and in Europe.

                      In addition, Sandy was invited to represent the Jewish community of New York in a television ceremony celebrating the inauguration of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

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                        I think we're getting way off topic...which is about the food.

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                            The link brings you to hype and MISINFORMATION. This is NOT a Crowne Plaza Hotel.
                            They are NOT taking over the entire resort and day passes to the water park have and are still being sold to the general public.

                            The resort is NOT in the Northwest Hills of CT, but just off East Main St in Waterbury, CT adjoining I-84, Costco and Kohls.

                            Table One Catering is a mainstay of Chabad in Waterbury CT area. It is not very gourmet as they claim. CHs will find Table One to be ordinary and serving what was innovative a few years back. (I've been to my fair share of events they've catered in the past 2 years).

                            Again, let the organizers buy paid advertising.