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Nov 11, 2012 08:27 AM

Great Pasta in Paris?

This may be an impossible request, but I hope if anyone knows the answer it would be Chowhound regulars.

I am a New Yorker in Paris for a semester abroad and loving it, and I'm a huge fan of French food and everything, but I have been here for two and a half months now and I am desperately craving a great plate of pasta. My family cooks Italian food at home and I have been to Italy many times (psyched for a trip to Florence with friends after my program ends in December), and if I had easy access to a kitchen I would buy some good fresh pasta, a little parmigiano reggiano and a can of san marzano cherry tomatoes and satisfy my craving all on my own (and on a once-a-week basis...) but as it stands I don't have that kitchen availability. So my question is, is there anywhere I can get a really good bowl of Italian pasta on a student's budget in Paris? I am of course willing to splurge a little on food that will remind me of home, but 30 euros for a satisfying meal is probably all I can do as a poor college student.

A good sweet tomato sauce, broccoli rabe, carciofi, wild mushrooms, maybe risotto... can I find any of this in Paris without paying an arm and a leg?


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  1. I cannot recommend more highly taking the Train or Plane to Italy, where I'm now reveling in the pasta, pizza and grappa I cannot get in the 18th. Mori Venice Bar's not bad but i wouldn't order pasta there.

    1. Pasta et Basta, on the dalle des Olympiades, is out in the sticks but serves excellent Italian food. Technically it's 58 rue du Javelot, but if you look for that you'll find yourself nowhere. Take the escalators on rue de Tolbiac where it meets the rue Baudricourt, walk ahead, then to the right. Not cheap but good pasta.

      1. Mori is very expensive and highly overrated in my opinion. Go to Caffè dei Cioppi. Or if you have a big budget my favorite is La Grand Venise in the 15th. Very copious, very good and very hard to get into.

        1. Thank you everyone! I will look into Pasta et Basta and Caffè dei Cioppi. Le Grand Venise looks really wonderful, but it does seem a bit out of my budget range. John-- malheureusement, I think December 16th is the soonest I will be able to get to Italy. Looking forward to it (although I can't say I'm a huge grappa fan... half a glass of limoncello is about as far as I go)

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            Silly man, I'm leaving Milano tmrw and facing a dreadful food revisit to Annemasse and Annecy (yes, I know, Claire's Knee, Pere Bise, and the Panorama are great, but. there will be no pasta and grappa in my life for a year.)