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Nov 11, 2012 08:14 AM

Chocolate in Rome

Will be in Rome next week and wondering two things:

1. Where can I buy Guido Gobino gianduja in Rome? Or even advice on where to look? We'll check Volpetti, but if there are other likely spots, I'd love to hear about them! Having serious cravings, and can no longer get it here.

2. Where's the best place to look for a chocolate advent calendar (with really good chocolate)? :) My 10-year-old *loves* them, and we can get a large Heidel one here in the San Francisco area, but thought we'd look for something new in Rome.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I bought Guido Gobino in Rome in July (limited selection due to heat - likely better in the fall/winter) when we were staying on Piazza Sant'Andrea della Valle. Unfortunately I don't have the name of the shop, but I was walking from the Piazza to Cafe Sant'Eustachio, so it was likely on Via del Teatro Valle, or one or two blocks from that street. Very small shop on the left side of the street as I was walking from Sant'Andrea della Valle to Eustachio. I will keep digging and if I find the business card or receipt I will re-post. Buon Viaggio!

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      Thanks!!! Much appreciated!! We are staying within a few blocks of there, as well, so will keep our eyes peeled! Yum!

      1. re: lhanson11

        No problem! I just remembered I bought GG at the same shop when we were in Rome in September, so if I found it again without a name or address you should be able to as well! The shop may also have a chocolate advent calendar, as she carries many different chocolate products.

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          There used to be a Chocolat in that area, perhaps that's it. I'll fish it out, I am highly motivated for my GG, and we are only three streets over from where you were! :) Thanks much!

    2. That store that ekc is talking about is:
      Via dei Redentoristi, 16
      066 8192245

      Not sure who may have an advent calendar, but here are some of the great chocolate shops in Rome:
      Bottega del Cioccolato, Via Leonina
      Moriondo e Gariglio, Via Pie di Marmo
      S.A.I.D., in the San Lorenzo neibhgorhood
      Valrhona, Piazza del Marmo
      Valzini, very old fashioned chocolate shop in Trastevere.

      You might not find calendars at these shops, but you'll certainly find other chocolate goodies to take home.

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      1. re: minchilli

        Thanks E! Wouldn't you know, the one receipt and business card I don't save from the trip is the one I need!

        1. re: gmcguireinrome

          Thanks!!! Was it recently you saw it there? Not sure if we will make it out to Eataly this trip, but for Gobino I might make an extra trip if I knew for sure it was there. ;-)

          1. re: lhanson11

            I was there last Monday. Definitely saw gianduja spread and chocolate discs - but was not looking for anything specific, so can't say 100% they have the guianduja chocolates. (they do have an amazing selection of other hard to find brands though) I am planning on going for a last thanksgiving shop on thurs or fri (we celebrate on saturday :) and can check then if it's not too late for you.

            1. re: gmcguireinrome

              Oooh, thanks!!! We will be here through Saturday. :)

              1. re: lhanson11

                you are in luck! they have the gianduja in gold & silver wrapping. I took a pic, but doesn't look like I can post it from my phone.

        2. Just in case anyone else is looking, I also found Gobino at
          Patrizia Onorati,
          Corso del Rinascimento, 8
          066 865268

          So, that's at least 2 places. :)

          Thanks everyone,

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          1. re: lhanson11

            this store and Leonidas? - or Eataly?
            Looking forward to hearing more abiout your visit to Rome.

            1. re: jen kalb

              Sorry, Onorati and Eataly both had the Gobino.

              Leonidas didn't have Gobino (or advent calendars) when I stopped in early in the week, but many stores were just beginning to put out their holiday items. Bottega del Cioocolato and Moriondo e Gariglio had their usual assortments of yummys, and the temporary Lindt store on via del Corso had a somewhat utilitarian advent calendar that the 10-year-old decidedly didn't like :)

              Standout meals were at Flavio al Vevovelodetto and Pizzarium,with La Gensola, Urbana 47, Roscioli and L'Asino D'Oro as runners-up. I wish I had taken better notes and/or more consistent photos as a week's worth of meals with 7 people start running together after a while.

              Biggest surprise was the cacio e pepe at lunch at I Clementini (Via di San Giovanni in Laterano, 106), made with fresh tonnarelli and was our favorite cacio e pepe we had on the trip. Biggest disappointment (for me) was L'Arcangelo, which has been mentioned here and highly recommended by friends. There wasn't anything *wrong* with the meal, everyone liked it fine, just nothing was really stellar.

              We had about 15 delicious fish dishes at La Gensola, great atmosphere and very good food at Costanza our first night in town, and more delicious meals at Palatium, da Cesare (al Casaletto), Da Benito and Casa Bleve (when we got stuck in the neighborhood during last Saturday's demonstrations).

              The gargantuan bowls of pasta and humongous secondi at Perilli I would only repeat if my Italian and my fortitude were strong enough to insist on only one dish each course for every three people. We went on our second day, and my language skills don't usually get that fluid until about day four. The amount of food left on the table was a shame (and we can *eat*!).

              Wish we had been able to return to Pizzarium a second time, but shopping for presents to bring home trumped that return trip. Ah well, next trip! Plus, there's a place here in Oakland (adesso) that is starting to make pizza inspired by Pizzarium. :) They're getting close, but far too hard to replicate the sheer number of flavor combinations found at the real thing.

              Thanks for all your help on the chocolate search!