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Nov 11, 2012 07:48 AM

Food Mill Sale

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  1. Wow, that is really cheap. No personal experience regarding the quality, but the price is very attractive. My understanding is that this is the MIU France 2 quart food mill.

    For what it's worth, the reviews appear to be reasonable:

    P.S.: It seems MIU has a lot its products on sale from cutlery and more. Remember the pressure cooker?

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    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

      Every week, a new special. I purchased 2 pineapple corers, made by (or for) MIU. One lost its spring that keeps the handle in place. Still works but kind of disappointing. And not made in France. But such is life.

      1. re: dcrb

        One of the negative reviews on Amazon is about the challenge of changing the disc/blade by his elderly parents. I happened to find this video, and it seems the disc is not that difficult to change if you have some strength in your thumbs. It does not seem so bad for most people:

        Good luck.

        P.S.: I would have likely buy it if I need a food mill. Unfortunately, I don't have much use for one.

    2. Maybe wrong board for this but what will you use the food mill for? Twice I've purchased food mills, more primitive than your link. Twice they've mostly sat. Unused. Why do I want one (convince me)?

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      1. re: tcamp

        I've often thought of getting one for ricing potatoes and making apple sauce. Haven't done it yet. But I sometimes put something out there if I think there may be interest.

        1. re: tcamp

          Makes the best mashed potatoes ever. Plus if you have a garden, like I do, it makes tomato sauce very easy by removing all the skins (And depending on the disk used, seeds).

          Very good for making soups.

          I grow about 20 different variety's of chile peppers and a food mill is absolutely essential for making all the kinds of hot sauces that I make. It removes the pepper skins and seeds and processes all the goodness, or evil hotness, depending on your view

          My latest mill came with 4 or 5 food mill recipes from Thomas Keller.

          1. re: RhonelyInsanediego

            Never thought about it removing skin. I make dips with peppers that are puréed, this would be so helpful. I have one I use some times, mostly for gnocchi but it is definitely not used often.

            1. re: melpy

              Yeah, it removes the skins, but it's the nasty bitter seeds that I really want to remove. Contrary to popular belief the seeds themselves contain no inherent heat (capsaicinoids), but only absorb heat from their contact with the chili rib (Placenta). The chili ribs are where all the good evil hotness comes from.

            2. re: RhonelyInsanediego

              Ah, dang. Hot sauces. I may be getting another food mill.

              I have never tried mashed potatoes in the food mill, they must be very smooth. I've always preferred chunky mashed potatoes but honestly, I've met almost no spuds I don't adore.

              1. re: RhonelyInsanediego

                Looked the Thomas Keller insert this weekend and besides the typical tomato sauce and soup recipes, it had one that covered how to make fresh walnut cream sauce (for chocolate covered pears poached in walnut cream). Very easy with the mill as it removes the skins and grinds the meat. Never thought about this before, but it sounds simple and delish.

              2. re: tcamp

                Deseeding tomatoes
                Cranberry sauce
                Shredding cheese

                1. re: tcamp

                  Mine is mostly used for mashed potatoes. I never peel the potatoes anymore, they just stay in the food mill. Also applesauce, berry sauces and tomatoes.

                2. What a deal! I have a ricer which fills my mashed potato needs quite well. I am still doing the blanch, peel, deseed, and then feed through the KA meat grider attachment procedure with tomatoes. This should improve things considerably when I'm looking to make sauce. Thanks for the heads up!

                  1. They see to have some really great deals! Many also use a food mill for homemade baby food.

                    This is also a god price I think

                    1. Used my mill for processing a bunch of pomegranates from my tree. Worked like a charm. Now I have a nice tasty pom syrup.