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Nov 11, 2012 07:43 AM

Reveillon Suggestions

We will be in New Orleans on December 22-24 and are considering doing a Reveillon dinner at one of the participating restaurants (list available at: http://www.neworleansonline.com/holiday/). In my experience, the items on prix fixe menus can be hit or miss - we find that they sometimes fall short of their counterparts on the a la carte menu. Does that hold true for Revillion dinners? Right now, the top contenders are Galatoire's, Upperline, SoBou, or Brigtsen's, all restaurants that we have never been to but have been on our list. Does anyone have any endorsements or suggestions?

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  1. we had it at Galatoires last year and it was excellent. we're going this year also.

    1. I have the same question, essentially. I'll be in New Orleans December 7-10, traveling by myself. A friend and native to New Orleans (New Orleanian?) has recommended Galatoire's, and I see that seconded here.

      I'd just like to know which of the Reveillon restaurants are most comfortable for single diners. Well, and have good food too ;-). Thanks!

      PS Just browsing: the American Sector, Sazerac, and Crescent City Brewhouse sound good - I love craft beer so that last one got my attention, but I don't know how the food would be.

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        I've never tried reveillion meals but i think they vary from year to year. Last years suggestion for a specific restaurant may not apply to this year.

        I think your post is the first time Crescent City Brewhouse may have reached these pages. It is not known for its food. If you are a beer fan the best place near to the FQ is the Avenue Pub which has rare beers from all over. The local Abita and Heiner Brau aren't bad. For a restaurant, Luke has beers that are custom brewed for it.

      2. I looked through the menus last night and I think the best food/dollar value is the menu at Arnaud's. And I will remain forever grateful to their listing for opening the idea of their remoulade sauce on deviled eggs.

        1. We are leaning toward Upperline. Their menu (pasted below) looks fantastic and the atmosphere is more casual, which will make my parents (who are accompanying us) more comfortable. Has anyone been there for Reveillon or had any items on the Reveillon menu? Upperline is doing Reveillon only at dinner in December

          • Turtle Soup with Sherry
          • New Orleans Creole Gumbo
          • Spiced Pecans with Glass of Madeira
          • The Original Fried Green Tomatoes with Shrimp Rémoulade
          • Crispy Louisiana Oysters with choice of Two Rémoulades or St. Claude Sauce
          • Duck and Andouille Etouffée with Cornbread and Louisiana Pepper Jelly
          • Watercress, Mixed Greens, Stilton Cheese and Pecan Salad
          • Sautéed Baby Drum Meunière
          • Grilled Gulf Fish Piquant with Hot and Hot Shrimp
          • Classic Creole Veal Grillades with Parmesan Cheese Grits
          • Savory Slow Roasted Duck with Garlic Port or Ginger Peach Sauce
          • Thomas Jefferson’s Crème Brûlée
          • Warm Louisiana Pecan Pie with Vanilla Whipped Cream
          • Honey-Pecan Bread Pudding with Toffee Sauce
          • Brandy Alexander on the Rocks

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            Disappointing and Frustrating Update on Upperline: We were unable to get a reservation there with a party of 6 at any point in December (particularly the weekend of December 22). I called in mid November, and the host told me that they were not accepting reservations until December. To be on the safe side, I called back on November 29, and was told that I could not make a reservation with a party of 6 on any night in December because the few large tables in the restaurant are reserved for patrons who have been dining at the restaurant for years. I asked to be put on a wait list, and the host recommended that I make reservations elsewhere. I am very disappointed that we will not be able to dine there, but am even more disappointed in the way I was treated.

            We are now trying to decide between SoBou, Brigtsens, and Martinique Bistro, and we may also try to walk in at Galatoire's, which is also booked since I waited until late November to make our reservation. Any guidance as to which is the best option? How long might we have to wait to walk in and sit on the first level at Galatoire's?

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              The last time Xmas Eve was on MOnday (the day they are usually closedd) Galatoire's opened anyway. But that is a highly local day in there and you'd be lucky to get a two-op by 3:00. Saturday would be better but it is still The Festive Season and folks shopping downtown are going to end up there. Sunday is of course Sunday. Again, you might get a spot in the wearly afternoon. But there likely won;t bea huge line for opening on either Sat or Sunday. I never do teh Revillion menu there so cannot speak to that.

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                That's a shame about Upperline. It's never been anywhere near my favorites, but obviously has many loyal patrons.

                Martinique is great, I've always had a nice time there and if they can take you I'd go with that.

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                  Galatoire's only takes reservations for upstairs. Downstairs dining room is first come, first served so you'll be on an even keel with everyone else. Downstairs is the preferred dining room anyway. No way of telling how busy they will be on any given night. As for Upperline, no big deal. The menu reads beeter than the food delivers. Brigtsen's is better than Martinique. IMO, their appetizers is,where they shine. Make a,tasting meal of,them. Most,entrees are servedmwith themsame onld veggies and mashed potatoes.

              2. Our first experience at The Pelican Club was not too good but since then we have had great meals there. Galatoire's was great for the coolinary lunch.