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Nov 11, 2012 07:10 AM

Inside food at the Barclay's Center????

Headed to the Nets game this afternoon for the first time. Trying to decide whether to have lunch before outside in the neighborhood or inside the arena today. Anybody been inside and have a view/favorites? I saw the New York Times article but that seemed to be more catering related than actual food stands.

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  1. There is some great food inside,selection depending on where in the arena you are sitting. But the lines can be long, and the food is alarmingly overpriced.

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    1. re: BTaylor

      As far as I've heard, a Budweiser is $12 and one California Roll checks in at $ that too much?

    2. Have lunch before in the neighborhood

      1. in agreement with previous posters. Food is way overpriced and should be thought of as a last resort if it is impossible to eat beforehand.

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          News flash!!!!!!!! Eating at a sports stadium is very expensive!! Sort of like getting a 75cent worth of popcorn for $5 at the movie theater.
          That being said: Some venues have some decent food. Yankee Stadium and Citifield as examples have the run of the mill hotdogs and Sabretts, Shake Shack and decent BBQ too.
          I hear that Barclays has some decent food such as Junior's but won't be ging to my first game until 11/26 against the Knicks. Report back after that.
          Go NETS!!!

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            incorrect. yes, arena food is expensive, but that goes with the territory, so it's not "overpriced." however, the barclays has better food options than most arenas, and a pretty good assortment of different things. we liked the tacos from calexico and the sandwiches from the fatty 'cue stand. the sandwiches from the paisonos stand looked pretty good, and you can't go wrong with some ice cream from blue marble.

            1. re: jon

              I would never eat in any Pro sports arena in the United States

              1. re: AubWah

                so no shake shack burgers at citifield? no half-smokes at nationals park? no garlic fries in san fran, bbq in baltimore, fenway franks?

                give me a break, not everyone can or wants to eat before/after a game, and would prefer to grab something inside the arena. barclays has better food than most other arenas.

                1. re: jon

                  Never eat at Citi, Hmm have not been to Baltimore stadium, don't care for fries, hate boston...maybe a half smoke..

                2. re: AubWah

                  Hmmm!! Hot dog, beer, peanuts and Cracker Jacks @ Yankees Stadium!! Priceless!!
                  As the song says: "Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks.............."

                  1. re: Motosport

                    Yes to the song, no to the hot dog beer peanuts and cracker jacks

            2. I was at the arena on Friday night for the first time, watching college basketball. I thought the food offerings were superior to most other arenas I've been in. I had a brisket sandwich from Fatty Cue that was excellent. I also got a side of mac and cheese, which was some of the best mac and cheese I've ever had. Husband had a grilled chicken sandwich with mozzarella and basil from Paisano Bros. that he thought was excellent as well. L & B Spumoni Gardens has a stand as does Juniors and there's a stand run by the guy who owns Saul and The Vanderbilt. There's also a cart with a guy doing old-time soda fountain stuff. And there's pre-made sushi. And there's plenty more that we didn't see. I like that they're using Brooklyn vendors and Brooklyn institutions. So I'd highly recommend eating at the arena. It blows most sports venues out of the water. The food costs didn't seem outrageous for a sports stadium (sandwiches were around $12, the mac and cheese - a pretty large portion - was $6.75). Beer was excessive, though - $9 for all beer, domestic or imported. That is slightly outrageous but what are you gonna do? You can't bring beer inside. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to going back - and sampling more food.

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                I've got tickets for 11/26. I am going there hungry!!! Brooklyn has got game again!!!

              2. Went to the Net game last night. The food offered is ok but the prices are outrageous. How about a slice of pizza called Spumoni Gardens for 6 bucks? Or a frankfurter for $9.25. They make an announcement on the big screen for people to be civil and behave while they watch a game and then serve beer at your seat. You can also go downstairs to the lobby and get a tattoo.

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                1. re: son of a butcher

                  I always thought it was odd that at baseball games they ask people to be civil then serve lots of beer and have a special day where they give away bats.
                  Go figure?

                  1. re: Motosport

                    Was at last night's game, too. Brooklyn Banger's cheddarwurst is very tasty drunk food. Pricey at $9+, but it was fairly filling. Very few lines upstairs before the game.

                    Hope they work on the beer options -- only non-super-macrobrew was Brooklyn Lager -- would be nice if there were other local options.