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Prime party space on a Manhattan rooftop

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Parties at Prime at the Bentley are pretty great. The view from the upper of the restaurant's two rooftop levels is glittering. City lights, river, it feels exciting. The catering/party menu included maybe the best slider I've ever had (not clear that there is any divide between a slider and a burger except size, but it was probably the best burger I've ever had)

You can hire the upper level as a private party space. they have it lined with banquettes, and should probably remove the banquette along the south window to allow a better flow of guests in a somewhat narrow, long room. The view gives it a level of dazzle other kosher places in the city can't match.

Readers of this list know what to expect of the Prime/Solo group menus - sushi, steak. Motzei Shabbat on the restaurant floor has an exciting vibe, the music is way too loud for comfortable conversation.

I understand that they have a 3-month lease that began at Sukkot. so, go now and hope they stay open so that we can have dinner on the wrap-around terrace next summer.

Make sure to check out the view of the city from the restroom on the upper level. Seriously.

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  1. i was there for dinner a couple of nights ago - view was out of sight ridiculously gorgeous! food was good too