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Nov 11, 2012 06:33 AM


Any suggestions for places to eat in Accra or elsewhere? Looking for local food, happy to eat street food. I want to try fufu, kenkey, banku, TZ. red red, wakye and kalleh welleh. Any other local foods I should try?

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  1. I know its a few months since you posted this, but i thought i'd reply anyway. i would thoroughly recommend Asanka Local in Osu. it is a cafeteria style "chop bar" serving very good Ghanaian dishes at cheap prices. the low prices gives you the opportunity to try different types of food without worrying too much about cost.
    i'm a Ghanaian living in Europe and I always make sure i eat at the Asanka on every visit.

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      next time I am in Ghana! We even stayed in Osu, but didn't make it to Asanka. Thank you for the reply, I'm sure it will help someone.

      I loved Ghana. I really miss all the forms of fried plantains, and also this bag of sweet dark brown banana chips I got at the border of Togo and Ghana. I miss those so much. Now I'm in Perth and there are no plantains.

    2. For anyone who finds this thread in the future, here's an old thread that I started a few years back that turned up a good deal of information, some of which may still be useful.