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Oct 31, 2012 09:48 AM

Houston Hound visiting New Orleans

Oh, dear, wrong day to ask. Micky D for lunch and black bean and Hatch chili soup for dinner at home. And Thai curry wings. See what I mean?

I am currently searching the NOLA site for suggestions since we are headed there in a few weeks. Maybe Texas Red can pop in and advise. I've never been to K-Paul's or Cochon, so will reserve spots there, I think.

Nice day for lunch on a patio somewhere today.

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  1. I'm headed that way next week Lambowner! Here's my line-up:

    Lunches: Mr. B's, Galatoire's, Muriel's
    Dinners: GW Fins and Revolution
    Also gonna fit some oyster's from Felix's in there at some point!

    I've never been to K-Paul's....always been curious about it.

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      Will be looking these up! Been to Mr. B's, great place! Definitely oyster season anywhere.

    2. Ok, we are headed there around 12/9 for my 60th birthday. We usually go once in the summer and once right before Christmas. We were there in August and I wanted to try the bbq shrimp at Deanie's. We stopped at the Bucktown location on the way in Sunday, it was about 1:30 and still a long wait so we went to the bar and ordered and ate there. They were DELICIOUS. A bit different from my favorite dish ever - the bbq shrimp at Mr. B's. John Besh's new place was on our list and they were closed for something so we went to the Deanie's in the Quarter and it wasn't as good. We ordered the bbq shrimp for two and it was more than twice too much. It's very rich. We finished it anyway and were miserable all night. Those two places - Mr. B's and Deanie's in Bucktown for the bbq shrimp are my highest recommendations.

      We ate at Cochon awhile back and were not impressed at all. With anything. And we ordered two apps, two entrees and a dessert. In August we decided to try Cochon Butcher. He had the Cubano which was just okay but my sandwich was wonderful. I don't remember what was on it, it was some kind of a melt. It was a special that day so not on their menu. If I remember I'll let you know.

      We had a really nice dinner at Cafe Atchafalya last December. I haven't been to K-Paul's in decades and hear it's not that great anymore but the NOLA board could verify.

      We tried Willie Mae's for the first time in August. Nothing to write home about. But I cook really great fried chicken so maybe it's me. Friends have been to Willie Mae's and loved it.

      We ALWAYS run out to Angelo Brocato's for gelato. I rarely like gelato but love theirs. They also have wonderful pastries. I've been trying to catch La Boulangerie (I adore French pastries) and they have been closed the last three times we were there for one reason or another. Not just closed for the day but closed for a month. What's up with that? I'll try them one more time then I'm done.

      We tried Cafe Beignet (I think it was the location on Bourbon) for the first time and forget Cafe Du Monde. Cafe Beignet has the more awesome beignets! I can't wait to have them again. Hubby had a egg, cheese and some kind of breakfast meat croissant and he said it was the best breakfast sandwich he'd ever eaten.

      I also love the chargrilled oysters at Drago's in Metairie. Last December they were about the size of my little finger's nail though :-(

      Galatoire's is really fun but really hard to get in. If you're interested I can give you details. I've spent the last decade plus celebrating my birthday there.

      I posted a review on the NOLA page and will see if I can find it and post a link later.

      Regarding oysters - don't miss Casamento's!! YUM!!

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      1. re: texasredtop

        It was grilled bologna and pimento cheese - YUM, it was so good. Best bologna ever. Here's my review from my August trip.

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          Hey, thanks! For others, this post was cut and pasted from the comments section of another board, which is why it reads like ... it was cut and pasted. Anyway, comments are appreciated! Will be visiting early December also. Which Besh place were you trying for? We went to Luke in the near-Quarter last visit and were really disappointed.

          Edit: Wow, just looking at Casamento's site. They close from May-Sept! I haven't heard of this place. Will definitely hit it. It doesn't look like a reservation place...looks like we can take the St. Charles streetcar from our hotel on St. Charles near the Quarter. Thanks!

          1. re: Lambowner

            Domenica - I couldn't think of the name as I was responding on the other board. They are supposed to have great pizza and it's half price during happy hour.

            Luke seems to be getting the same type reviews lately. Not worth it IMO. And I had a horrible experience at August. I was hoping to cash in on Domenica before the new wears off.

            Casamento's is a MUST and the only time I miss it is when we are there in the summer. No reservations, crowded at meal times and parking can be a pain but oh is it worth it!! It's been there as long as I can remember. Not much has changed. It's on the corner of Napoleon and Magazine, actually on Magazine one door east of the corner I think. If you get to that corner, walking down Napoleon on the east side of the street, you can't miss it. It's not a big store front but you'll easily recognize it from the picture on their website.

            La Boulangerie Bakery is about two blocks west on Magazine. I've been dying to try it but they're always closed for long periods for whatever and I've missed it every time I've tried to go. I'll call ahead next time before going.