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Nov 11, 2012 04:03 AM

Chocolate Mint Girl Guide cookies available in Mtl?

Lately, I have been missing the Chocolate Mint Girl Guide cookies, usually available in fall. I`m in the east end, so I don`t know where to get them. Can anyone offer advice?

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  1. Well to my surprise, Girl Guides has a cookie finder map. Lol. Here it is: Appears they are not being sold in the Montreal area. Here is the website:

    I'll ask around too and get back if I hear anything.

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    1. re: Cattywoman

      As mentionned someone at my office was selling the Chocolate Mint, about one month ago.

    2. They are presently on sale in Montreal area someone from my office had them for sale about a month ago. Call Girl Guides Canada to find a supplier would be my suggestion.