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Nov 10, 2012 09:28 PM

Pacific Mall and area

Either I am missing something or having an issue with the search function but it doesn't seem like there is really a dedicated "Pacific Mall and area" thread. I am looking for general recommendations for Pac Mall itself or that general area.

I am planning to head to the Toronto Zoo tomorrow last minute for the Rememberance Day ceremonies, later in the afternoon we will probably head to Pacific Mall or to somewhere around their or the zoo for dinner. Was looking for specific recommendations for Pacific Mall or something in the area that is good or unique. Also recs for specific dishes.

I know this is last minute but if I don't see anything on here by when I leave in the morning I will check again in the afternoon.

My friend drives out that way to go to Chung King Garden all the time. I went one time and it was pretty good but I think I didn't order the best stuff. I had a dish that was really "slimey".. Not sure how to describe it but it as some veggie dish that had a sauce style that I did not like. I guess I need to know how to avoid getting that in the future :)

Not particularly looking for Chinese, just anything good/worth trying. The only thing I have had in Pac Mall itself was the bearded papas


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  1. i like the hand pulled noodle place in the food court area. There's a cold noodle dish with spicy minced pork and julienned cucumbers that I'm particularly fond of, but if you want a hot dish, there are lots of options. The broths there are not fantastic, so I would stick to the "dry" noodle dishes if you are picky about broth.

    I also really like the little crispy crepe rolls "cookies" at the place that makes the fresh egg waffles. You'll usually see the little old lady sitting on her stool, making the crepes and then rolling them on a steel rolling pin and sliding them off. They are delicious and addictive little things. The egg waffles are good when they are fresh and hot, but I *really* like the cookies. :) You'll see them right as you enter the "heritage" food court over that little foot bridge.

    1. One of the best Chinese vegetarian restaurants in the city, Graceful Vegetarian, is at the very north end of the Pacific Mall parking lot. The food is very fresh and tasty, and the service is always great.