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Nov 10, 2012 05:55 PM

London: curries and grills...

.On our Dec trip, we are taking some of the advice issued here on other threads and going to a weekend buffet at Bombay Brasserie. To supplement this, we were looking for some further opinion on the various grills etc.

Usually on our first night we go to Tayyabs, however last year we really left with the feeling that it had slipped quite a bit. Some people seem to recommend Needoo around the corner, or the (I guess) original, Lahore Kebab House. At the moment we are drifting towards Delhi Grill having heard some good things...but I am aware there are some other interesting places such as Roti Chai. I would be interested to hear opinions on any or all of these and how they compare. Any favourite alternates?

Many thanks.

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  1. If you want a vastly better Pakistani grill restaurant, travel a bit farther and go to Lahori Nihari. Their seekh kebab are on a different level compared to these other places and their actual dishes (nihari, karahi, etc) are on a similar level. I really like their lamb chops (they're unbelievably tender) but Loobcom was partial to them. Their shami kebab/tikki are also some of the best I've had, though I do have to say that Tayyabs does them well on the day they're a special. The quality of the bread at Lahori Nihari also puts to shame pretty much every other Pakistani restaurant I can name regardless of price. Their bread maker is actually skillful and I would rate the special kulcha nan there as one of the best if not the best North Indian bread I've had in London.

    Otherwise Needoo is a bit better than Tayyabs. I've eaten at Tayyabs quite a few times over a few years, but I've never been very impressed. I don't see what justifies the hype and I'm pretty sure it's purely that a lot of people know about it. I've met about a dozen people unrelated to CH who (upon the start of a food convo) are immediately going "I know the most amazing Indian restaurant!" You just sit there and think "Oh joy. Tayyabs hype time."