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Nov 10, 2012 05:43 PM

Hard rolls near Mahwah

I'm going to be in NJ (Mahwah) next weekend and would love to find a bakery or store to buy hard rolls.

They are not available where I live now. I'm originally from CT and the Italian bakeries we used to get them from are gone now.

(I mean the real kind that dry out in a day or two!)

Any suggestions? I'll drive about a 30 minutes or so if that helps!

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  1. Rockland Bakery
    94 Demerast Mill Road W
    Nanuet, NY

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    1. re: MRG58

      Thanks so much!! I think I'll be having a ham, salami and roasted pepper sandwich, and one with butter for breakfast. :)

    2. Are you still in CT? I'm from Bergen County, and I DO remember the "hard" rolls...some people call them Kaiser rolls...were rather soft inside and had a "shell" of a crust on the outside. True...they WOULD be dry the second day. Can't seem to find any like that now that I'm in CT...all too soft. Wouldn't qualify as a hard roll in my book. Have settled for the ubiquitous Portugese roll.

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        I got my husband doing some research now! So I think the Italian bakeries I remember might have made "rosetta" style rolls because they didn't have the cuts on top, but were twisted. He found this link is to a place in Bristol, CT, and we're planning on checking it out some day. So, if you're near Bristol, check out (possibly...)

        1. re: GJFNH

          Your travel route would greatly increase any possible suggestions you could receive. There are many more than a few types available...from hard crusty to softer versions....poppy seeds, sesame seed or plain. Baked well done or softer.

          Most all supermarkets have them today....there are differences and some are better than others. Some markets bake off in store, while others bring them in from notable bakeries. Supermarkets and bakeries will set you back .50 - .70 each per roll. You could go to an Asian Market and get them anywhere from 2 for a buck....3 for a buck or even 4/5 for a buck....different markets using the same large bakeries....usually from Texiera's out Newark/Harrison...or America's out of North Bergen/Livingston? The Asian Markets are usually my choice to purchase.

          Your options are endless...but I can only offer my suggestions from a route planned over the George Washington Bridge....not the Tappan Zee Bridge or other.

          One warning...wherever you choose to not buy any rolls already prepackaged.....Once packaged, the quality has been compromised.

          1. re: GJFNH

            I know it well. I forgot about this place as I don't get down that end of Bristol that often. Thanks for the heads up. I'll stop by and report back.

        2. I've missed the old NJ hardrolls of childhood (with red onion and liverwurst!) and so have been trying to make them over the past few months - not too bad results (using a basic bread recipe and with poppy or caraway/salt) but I haven't mastered the structure that pulls apart into sections like the old ones.