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Nov 10, 2012 05:41 PM

Best Hot Chocolate in London.... title - who sells your favourite hot chocolate in the city?


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  1. Paul A Young, during winter months, often sells hot chocolate, though if you want to be certain it's available, call first. Try the Wardour Street shop, as it's most spacious of the three. Also pick up some of Paul's chocolate brownies, his salted caramel chocolates and whatever else catches your eye.

    I think Artisan du Chocolat still sell some in their stores. Their feuilletine pralines are some of my favourites. I've not been for a while, hence not being 100% sure but they certainly used to.

    I've had great hot chocolate at Cocomaya in Connaught Village, again, would phone to see whether available, I don't know if it's seasonal or always on the menu.

    I really like the very very thick hot chocolate at Caffe Vergnano 1882, various locations. Order the smallest size as it's very rich, I tend to eat it with a spoon as much as drink it.

    And similar thick hot chocolate at the National Geographic Store (Regent Street) Cafe, they list three hot chocolate options -- regular hot chocolate, chocolate fondant and chocolate cream fondant. It's the last of the three that I love.

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      Not sure if its ok to link in here, but there is a top ten list that gave me a framework to research and it turned out to be on the spot imo. Paul A. Young was at the top. Also included was Konditor and Cook, and Maison du Chocolate. The one that intrigued me the most though was William Curley.

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        Lovely shop - was at the Soho shop last Sunday. Their hot chocolate was a bit too sweet for me, but that's just my personal taste.

        Address details
        Paul A Young
        143 Wardour Street
        London W1F 8WA
        Tel: +44 (0)20 7437 0011

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          I was going to comment on the sweetness too. I had hot chocolate from the Paul A Young branch at the Royal Exchange last year, and it was much too sweet for me; I couldn't actually finish it.

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            Is definitely the sweetest of the ones I listed, but I don't mind that, now and again. :-)

            Just thought of another recommendation, Jaz and Juls sell hot chocolate at Broadway Market, usually in the school playground market around the corner, near the park end. They also sell the mixes to take home.

            To my surprise, the one I like best is their caramel and lime one. Thought it sounded disgusting until I tried it.

      2. Rabot Estate in Borough Market (they also have cocoa tea). Also worth trying is the Pierre Marcolini hot chocolate at Verde & Co. in Spitalfields.

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          Oh yes! There's one near Seven Dials too. I really like their various "coffees" made with unsweetened roasted cocoa beans. Something a bit different and works really well.