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Nov 10, 2012 04:58 PM

Fire in Tampa

Anyone had any experiences at this new restaurant?

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  1. I was not impressed with this restaurant. It strikes me as a foody-themed concept restaurant. Has anyone else had a better experience?

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      I actually dined here a while ago (maybe 2 months?) and had a mixed experience. I went with my gf and friend of mine, and my gf had a miserable experience. The wine she attempted to order was apparently not available, the appetizer she ordered was... not available... and the entree was not available. The server noted that the menu was being changed, but my issue was that we should be informed of unavailable items prior to ordering, instead of a trial and error process.

      As far as the food that we did receive, it was pretty average. I have always looked at the food at a restaurant in relation to the price point. And I think this place missed the mark on the food.

      I can say for a former strip club having a full renovation, the space itself and corresponding decor are great and unique.