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Nov 10, 2012 04:58 PM

Andhra okra plus nut stir fry

At a dosa house tonight I ended up trying this dry okra dish. It was okra stir fried with fried cashews and peanuts. There were no masalas in this dish save turmeric, green chile, and cilantro. It was really awesome. I have never had anything like that before...I mean I have had lots of starchy stuff studded with cashews and/or peanuts (upma, poha, potato, seasoned rice, etc) but not a veg. I MUST try to replicate this at home. I have an idea how to re-create it, but would love to get more insight on this dish and combo. Does any one recognize this dish? Are there any other typical veg + nut combos that are classic? Owners of the restaurant and chef are from Andhra.

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