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Nov 10, 2012 04:50 PM

TO hound to Palm Beach ISO food trucks

Hey Florida foodies,
We head down to Palm Beach for the winter every year and this year I wanted to find out ahead of time what the closest (and best) food trucks were in the area. We do stay in N palm beach, but we are willing to travel a bit if necessary. Thank you in advance!

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  1. I like Moty's and MexZican. Due to the scattered nature of trucks down here, a meetup may be your best bet. There's a meetup every Monday at Young Circle in Hollywood:
    See also:

    1. There might be one or two in WPB. You will have to drive 60 miles south for that

      1. Spring In Roll Out is in West Palm Beach on Dixie just south of PB Lakes in the Marathon gas station. It is a vietnamese truck. I have been there several times. The bbq pork sandwhich is excellent. They are there Mon - Fri 11 to 2 pm.!/Sp...

        1. In fort lauderdale: Nacho bizness. Great tacos, very nice people running it. And try the chronic ginger lemonade.

          1. You could always hit up Tacos Al Carbon in Lake Worth.

            It was actually a food truck before the food truck "craze".